wireless design Abbreviations

AC Alternating current
ACA Adjacent channel attenuation
ACS Adjacent channel selectivity
ACLR Adjacent channel leakage ratio
ADC Analog-to-digital converter
AGC Automatic gain control
BDR Blocking dynamic range
BiCMOS Bipolar complementary metal oxide semiconductor
BER Bit error rate
CDMA Code division multiple access
CMFB Common-mode feedback
CMOS Complementary metal oxide semiconductor
CMRR Common-mode rejection ratio
CW Continuous wave
DAC Digital-to-analog converter
DC Direct current
DCS1800 Digital cellular system
DECT Digital enhanced cordless telecommunications
DNL Differential nonlinearity
DSP Digital signal processor
DSB Double sideband
DS Direct sequence
ENOB Effective number of bits
ESD Electrostatic discharge
EVM Error vector magnitude
FIR Finite impulse response
FDD Frequency division duplex
FET Field-effect transistor
FoM Figure of merit
FSK Frequency shift keying
GSM, GSM900 Global system for mobile communications
HPF Highpass filter
IC Integrated circuit
ICP Input compression point
IF Intermediate frequency
IIP2 Second-order input intercept point
IIP3 Third-order input intercept point
INL Integral nonlinearity
IS-95 Interim standard 95
ISI Inter symbol interference
ISM Industrial, scientific, medical
ITU International Telecommunications Union
LC Inductor-capacitor
LNA Low noise amplifier
LO Local oscillator
LSB Least significant bit
MIM Metal-insulator-metal
MOS Metal oxide semiconductor
MOSFET Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
NF Noise figure
NRZ Non-return-to-zero
NMOS N-channel metal oxide semiconductor
OF Orthogonality factor
OIP2 Second-order output intercept point
OIP3 Third-order output intercept point
opamp Operational amplifier
OTA Operational transconductance amplifier
PCB Printed circuit board
PCS1900 Digital cellular system
PDC Personal digital cellular
PGA Programmable-gain amplifier
PHS Personal handy phone system
PMOS P-channel metal oxide semiconductor
PSRR Power-supply rejection ratio
PTAT Proportional to absolute temperature
QPSK Quadrature phase shift keying
RC Resistor-capacitor, raised-cosine
RC-PP Resistor-capacitor polyphase filter
RF Radio frequency
RMS Root-mean-square
RRC Root-raised-cosine
RX Receiver
SAW Surface acoustic wave
SC Switched capacitor
SFG Signal flow graph
SFDR Spurious free dynamic range
SiGe Silicon-germanium
SNDR Signal-to-noise and distortion ratio
SNR Signal-to-noise ratio
SSB Single sideband
TDMA Time division multiple access
THD Total harmonic distortion
TX Transmitter
UE User equipment
UMTS Universal mobile telecommunications sytem
UTRA UMTS terrestrial radio access
VCCS Voltage controlled current source
VCVS Voltage controlled voltage source
VCO Voltage controlled oscillator
VGA Variable-gain amplifier
WCDMA Wide-band code division multiple access
WLAN Wireless local area network
WLL Wireless local loop
2G Second generation
3G Third generation
3GPP Third generation partnership project