wireless communication resources

Batwing Laboratories – Offers hints and tips for programming and using the Motorola 2-way radio.
Bay Area Research Wireless Access Network (BARWAN) – Wireless overlay network testbed being created in the San Francisco Bay Area. University of California (Berkeley) – CS division.
Beacon Link – Mobile computing systems integrator using GSM, radio, and wireless technologies.
Bill McFadden’s Home Page – A listing of files and links on frequency use.
Cellular Networking Perspectives – Monthly wireless standards and technology bulletin providing descriptions of new and emerging cellular, PCS, analog and digital wireless standards.
Cellular-News – A cellular phone website, focusing on the GSM and 3G industry.
Classification of Emissions and Necessary Bandwidths – Technical article relating to radio communication from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
Federal Standard 1037C Glossary of Telecommunication Terms – Provides a comprehensive source of definitions of terms used in telecommunications and directly related fields by international and U.S. Government telecommunications specialists.
Frequency Selection Database – Resource for USA frequency coordination and spectrum research.
GE / Ericsson Radio Model Identification – An online reference guide to GE two way radios. Includes nomenclature charts to help aid in model identification.
GSM World – Information and news about GSM.
How the Radio Spectrum Works – Article that explains the radio spectrum and radio waves.
Introduction to Signal Boosters – Article describing this device which is used to improve radio communications in an area where normally good radio signal levels are degraded due to obstacles in the radio path.
LMDS Wireless – Resource for broadband wireless known as LMDS using microwave transmission.
Larsen’s Reference Articles – Technical reference articles on antennas, including information on impedance matching, wavelength, bandwidth, directivity and gain.
Mobile Portable Research Group – Focus on propagation modelling, smart antennas, and interference rejection, for mobile communications.
Mobile Project at the U. of Waterloo – Contains background and publications from research on mobile and wireless technologies at the University of Waterloo, in Canada.
OFDM & MC-CDMA – Wireless tutorials on transmission methods suitable for communication over multi-path channels, research papers and Jean-Paul Linnartz’s (Senior Technology Director with Philips Research at TU Eindhoven) personal site.
Radio System Calculator – Spreadsheet program to assist radio system designers by calculating many common parameters. Supplied by Jack Daniel Company . – Searchable databases for AM, FM and TV broadcast stations . Provided by Elliott Broadcast Services . – Promotes understanding of satellite communications technology.
Semiconductor Cross Reference – A searchable database and links to related resources.
Smart Antennas Research Group – Focuses on Smart Antennas and Space-Time processing for Mobile Communications.
Software Defined Radio – A forum on open architecture reconfigurable wireless technology.
Telco – Glossary of ISDN and telephone terminology.
Tetrapol – Provides a range of information on this all-digital private mobile radio communication technology. Includes a user’s club, forum, and latest news.
The Electromagnetic (RF) Spectrum – Provides radio spectrum information. Includes technical articles, stories, data, application notes, freeware, new products, reviews, and jobs.
The Global Communications Network – Provides searchable access to suppliers of broadband equipment, materials and services, research, employment and industry news .
The UMTS Forum – The UMTS Forum is an international and independent body, uniquely committed through the building of cross-industry consensus to the successful introduction and development of UMTS/IMT-2000 “third generation” mobile communications systems.
Think Femtocell – News, information and opinions about femtocell home base stations. Describes the technology options, vendors and operators involved.
UMTSWorld – Provides 3G and UMTS news and information. Technology overviews of UMTS, 3G, WAP, WCDMA, GPRS and latest on contracts and licensing.
Wireless Communications Research Group (Stanford) – Focus on wireless access to new networks (e.g. ATM), wireless local area data networks, cellular mobile radio, and new low-power low-tier personal communications systems
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing – Interdisciplinary course on wireless communications and mobile applications, oriented towards computing systems graduate students. Includes course overview and curriculum. University of California, Berkeley
Wireless Information Networks Lab. – Focus on Intelligent Wireless Networks, Mobile Computing and Radio Resource.
Wireless Systems Laboratory (WSL) – Wireless Research at Georgia Tech. Primary focus is on Turbo Code applications for Wireless.
Wireless2Web LLC – License wireless technology including wireless text messaging, wireless email, voice messaging and mixed media messaging.