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WiMAX Chips for Wireless Broadband
Beceem is the leading provider of chips for wireless broadband modem products. Having delivered 4 generations of 4G-WiMAX chip solutions, and having defined all important 4G-WiMAX performance benchmarks (33 Mbps application layer throughput, 20 Mbps CAT 4 HARQ) Beceem’s BCS5200 is now setting new standards with respect to added functional and increased levels of feature integration.
BCS5200 Single-Chip 4G-WiMAX/VoIP Gateway Solution
The BCS5200 CPE chipset for residential, small office/home office (SOHO), small-to-midsize businesses (SMB) and enterprise applications combines high-performance Wave 2 4G-WiMAX modem functionality and a VPN/WAN router platform with a guaranteed low-latency voice subsystem. The BCS5200 speeds the delivery of ‘residential gateway’ and ‘office-in-a-box’ mobile 4G-WiMAX customer premise products while reducing total system cost.
The Beceem BCS5200 4G-WiMAX CPE terminal solution consists of a high performance baseband IC and a dual-band direct conversion RFIC for operation in 2.3, 2.5 and 3.5 GHz bands. The BCS5200 builds upon and leverages 24 months of intensive field trial experience with the infrastructure solutions of leading 4G-WiMAX OEMs, and delivers a cost-effective, high-performance Beamforming and MIMO solution designed to enable the most demanding CPE applications. The BCS5200 chipset has been optimized to be the industry’s highest performance 4G-WiMAX CPE terminal chipset and sets the speed record for packet throughput exceeding 33 Mbps (short packets) aggregate throughput.
As the industry’s most advanced architecture the BCS5200 provides a base platform across multiple CPE SKUs for 4G-WiMAX data only as well as support for enhanced QoS for VoIP and other real time services:
Industry’s best VoIP solution with proven carrier-class voice with rich feature set
High performance on-chip networking stack including support for VPN, NAT, DHCP, IPSEC acceleration
Linux operating system that allows for easy integration of custom and/or third-party software stacks
Mobile 4G-WiMAX Wave 2 Profile features
Products based on the BCS5200 have already been certified by Clearwire/XOHM, the WiMAX Forum, and are extensively tested for interoperability with major Base Station companies. A variety of BCS5200 based devices is being deployed by the world’s major 4G-WiMAX carriers in H1 of 2009.
Available Reference Designs
CPE Data Modem (one RJ45)
Residential Gateway (multiple RJ45s incl routing/security SW)
Modem (same as CPE Data Modem) with one/two integrated VoIP lines and SIP stack
Gateway (same as Residential Gateway) with one/two integrated VoIP lines and SIP stack
All reference designs available for 2.3, 2.5 and/or 3.5 GHz spectrum
All reference designs also available with support of integrated WiFi AP
About Beceem Communications
Beceem Communications is the leading provider of mobile 4G-WiMAX semiconductors with proven over-the-air data speeds exceeding 30 Mbps. Beceem offers a number of single chip solutions optimized for mobile devices and CPE markets, and Beceem’s products are 4G-WiMAX certified, XOHM qualified and are validated against the 4G-WiMAX base stations from all major OEMs.
Beceem was founded in October, 2003, as a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the emerging 4G-WiMAX marketplace. We offer baseband & RF chips as well as complete hardware & software solutions. From the beginning, Beceem has taken a leadership position in everything we do. In 2005, we were the first to market with a pre-4G-WiMAX chipset called the MS100, and followed that success with the first Wave 1 (released January 2006) and Wave 2 (released December 2006) mobile 4G-WiMAX chipsets.
These chipsets can be found at the core of a variety of wireless products, including computing devices, mobile devices, modules, routers and gateways. Our solutions offer unprecedented performance yet consume minimal power and require minimal space – an absolute must in the wireless device industry where these factors are at a premium.
But great technology is just part of the story. We co-chair the WiMAX Forum Certification Group as well as hold leadership positions in other key industry groups, and therefore we have intimate knowledge of where wireless broadband is heading. Our employees represent one of the world’s most exceptional engineering teams – combining leading 4G-WiMAX wireless and information theory experts in the communication industry with expert design and application engineering professionals.
And we firmly believe in a “win-win” philosophy in every aspect of our business operations. Every day we make conscious decisions to create solutions that maximize the benefits for everyone involved, whether it’s designing the chip for the next-generation PDA or providing the most rewarding work environment possible.
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