winspice tutorial

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WinSpice Simulator
For Spice simulation we will use WinSpice which is an off-shoot of the original Berkeley Spice 3. More information at
3. Getting Started
First please download the electric and WinSpice executables from the class web page (under Materials). Make sure you uncompress electric and install WinSoft. Also copy the mipsparts.elib library from the class web page to your account and rename it to Tutorial1_xx where xx are your initials. This library contains many parts of the MIPS processor that are provided to you. You will add your new designs to the library as you work through the tutorials.� Do not modify the parts that were already provided lest you break them in ways that will not become apparent until you put the entire system together.
Double-click on Electric to start the program. Dismiss the splash screen. The manual is available for download on the class web page and online at Skim through the following sections:
Chapter I: 1-2, 6-9
Chapter II: 1-6
Chapter III: 1-12
Don�t worry if it doesn�t all make sense yet. After you complete this tutorial, go back and skim over the sections that you initially found confusing. Refer back to the other chapters of the manual as you need help with specific features of Electric.