WiMAX and linux

What is the WiMAX kernel stack?
What is the WiMAX Network Service?
Where can I find the WiMAX Network API to develop a connection manager or add WiMAX support to an existing one?
Supported hardware
I want to contribute code/patches; any guidelines?
Updated oma-dm tree values for Clearwire Network
I have installed everything, but I can’t start the daemon
What about 64-bit support? The binary supplicant is available only for 32-bits …
Licensing questions
What are the licensing terms of all this?
Why are some driver files BSD-only?
Is the Intel Free Distribution Binary License an open source license?
Why don’t you allow modification and re-engineering of the binaries?
The Intel Free Distribution Binary License looks like a BSD license. Is it?
I am a package maintainer and I would like to create a package/distribution/CD that installs/provides the Intel firmware necessary for the 2400M. How does one go about doing this according to Intel’s terms?
There are a lot of people downstream who draw from my package/distribution/CD. What do they have to do to be compliant with the Intel Free Distribution Binary License binary license?
There is a patent license in the Intel Free Distribution Binary License. What does that mean?
Here’s a special case. I am a BSD developer, and other people might take my code, relicense it, and use it in a proprietary operating system. Do they get a patent license, too?
Isn’t that risky for them?
What is the WiMAX kernel stack?
The WiMAX stack is a generic layer that provides a uniform API to control different WiMAX devices.

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