What is RF?

What is RF?
RF refers to radio frequency, the mode of communication for wireless technologies of all kinds, including cordless phones, radar, GPS, radio and television broadcasts. RF technology is so much a part of our lives we scarcely notice it for its ubiquity. From cell phones to remote control toys, RF waves are all around us. RF waves are electromagnetic waves which propagate at the speed of light, or 300,000 kilometers per second. RF waves are invisible to the human eye.
What is IR?
IR refers to Infrared waves and just like RF it is also invisible to human eye. Also like RF many devices are controlled using IR technology as well. With the advancement in technology, we can transfer useful information from one device to another using either IR or RF waves.
What is the difference between RF and IR?
RF waves can travel across doors, walls and many other obstructions. If you put your hand or other object in front of your TV remote, you will see it stops working. That is because it uses IR waves and IR waves cannot pass through obstructions. Whereas RF devices can be operated from anywhere in the home which makes them more advance, suitable and easy to use.