What is Bluetooth DUN?

Bluetooth dial-up networking (DUN) is a wireless internet technology that refers to connecting to the internet using a Bluetooth enabled cell phone as a modem. Bluetooth DUN offers a low band alternative where there are no local hotspots to provide high speed wireless internet access. Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that allows for wireless communication to take place in a Personal Area Network (PAN). It makes use of the frequency hopping spread spectrum to transmit data over short distances from fixed or mobile devices. It is mainly used to exchange information between mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, printers and many more.

For you to make use of Bluetooth DUN, you will need a Bluetooth enabled laptop, a Bluetooth DUN capable device such as a mobile phone, a broadband access subscription and supporting drivers for your Bluetooth DUN capable phone. You may need to verify that your laptop indeed has Bluetooth. If your laptop is not Bluetooth enabled, you could make use of a Bluetooth USB adapter or configure it first to allow for Bluetooth connectivity. You may also need to install a Bluetooth program. You then need to use this software to scan for Bluetooth devices. The laptop should be able to recognize all Bluetooth enabled devices within its perimeter. A broadband access subscription is obtained from your Internet Service Provider who also provides you with a username and password that you will use to set up the Bluetooth DUN. A dial-up access phone number is also required. If using a cell phone, the phone must also be Bluetooth enabled.

Once the cell phone is turned on, the laptop should be able to detect it as well as all other devices within its range. Once the cell phone is discovered, depending on your operating System, you will be shown various options to choose from. All you need to do is to look for the dial-up networking available service and select it. Once you have found the service, your Bluetooth adaptor software will allow you to create a dial-up connection. However, it is important to note that not all Bluetooth adaptor software will allow you to create a dial-up and the software you choose is therefore very important for this stage. This scenario has popularly termed the whole process as the Bluetooth dial-up networking hack. The phone may require that you accept or decline the connection request and may sometimes need you to key in a security code. The phone and the laptop will then be paired and a connection formed. The connection is now complete.