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The BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation is the largest, oldest and one of the most popular media group in the world. Even the people in the remotest areas of the world are aware of a media group called BBC. The popularity of the Corporation was not achieved overnight. It took painstaking efforts from a lot many people, who have dedicated their life to this Corporation.
The BBC started with radio as their mainstay in the year 1922 and saw a phenomenal success in its wake. The success was soon also capitalized in the television sector, which started in the year 1932. Though the gap is large, the success was shared by the television group also. The BBC went online in the year 1996, where it saw another success in its growth as the world leader in media.
The popularity of the BBC radio is such that it took almost five decades to disturb the monopoly of the BBC on the radio waves. It was only in the 1970s that the BBC radio’s monopoly was challenged, due to the competition from many other radio services that popped up. Also, the commercial sector contributed to the increased competition.
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Though the broadcasting of the television services was stopped during the Second World War, the popularity of the BBC did not decline. In fact, people were eager to listen to the news on the BBC such was and is the popularity of this media group.
The main reason behind this huge popularity is the quality of the broadcasts, the broadcasts of the BBC have become a standard for many other broadcasting companies. The news broadcasted in the BBC television sector is so much faster and of such high quality that news groups from around the world are copying the content from the BBC. This itself speaks about the high standards that the BBC has set for itself.
The BBC’s popularity has increased in the recent years, due to the fact that people are becoming more and more educated and are searching for quality news and entertainment themselves. As the BBC is delivering both these, it is still the number one in its field. The people in countries where there is lower literacy still look up to BBC, as the educational programs broadcast on the channel are of such great simplicity and quality that even the most illiterate person can understand some of the most complicated matters.
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Ratings suggest that the UK audience turns to the BBC’s coverage more for the information, as opposed to its commercial rivals. The difference in the viewers is almost overwhelming. To exemplify the popularity of the BBC, one can see from the figures that say the BBC reaches to almost 79.7 percent of the audience in the UK. This shows the popularity and reach of BBC.
The other major factor that has contributed to the popularity of the BBC is the people who work there. The selection of people who work in the BBC is done in an unbiased fashion, and they work with a passion towards their activities instead of working for the money they get. The dedication of the people working in BBC can be seen in their broadcast quality.
BBC News online is such a hit that it was the most referred news site in the year 2007, according to a survey conducted by an individual group. This shows that the BBC, though oldest, still has the latest developments in technology under its belt and is using it to deliver the best quality work to the people around the globe.
Though the BBC has been criticized by many for interfering in the private lives of people, and also in the Government affairs of UK and other countries, it is still standing tall over its competitors as the best in its field.