waste water treatment

Waste Water Treatment
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11.5 10 SF 10 SF Sanitary Sewer Approved WASTE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM Status
The electrochemical oxidation of phenol for waste water treatment was studied at a platinum
anode. Analysis of reaction intermediates and a carbon balance has shown that the reaction
occurs by two parallel pathways; chemical oxidation with electrogenerated hydroxyl radicals

Electrochemical waste water treatment using high overvoltage anodes Part II: Anode performance and applications
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The performance of highly doped SnO 2 anodes for the oxidative treatment of biologically
refractory waste water was compared with PbO 2 and Pt. The oxidation of a wide range of
organic compounds proceeds with an efficiency which is about 5 times higher than with

Electrochemical waste water treatment using high overvoltage anodes physical and electrochemical properties of SnO 2 anodes
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The electrochemical performance of SnO 2 as an anode material with high oxygen gas-
evolution overpotential was investigated in view of its application for electrochemical
oxidation of bio-refractory organics in waste waters. The influence of the doping agent (Sb,
The waste water system relies on the force of gravity to move sewage from your home to the
treatment plant. So waste water-treatment plants are located on low ground, often near a
river into which treated water can be released. If the plant is built above the ground level, the

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While sewage is being collected in a holding tank, it can be transferred with a transfer pump
at regular intervals and specific volumes to the Super Mini Plus treatment plant. When the
specific transfer volume has been completed, the plant will start automatically. Once the
The electro-oxidation of dilute aqueous solutions of aniline was studied on a lead dioxide
packed bed anode. The anolyte consisted of 400 ml of 5.5 mM aniline in dilute sulphuric
acid. The anolyte was recirculated through a packed bed electrochemical reactor with an

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Abstract The paper presents the importance and the necessity to increase the efficiency of
cleaning process of the residual waters from waste industry. There are presented the
methods of treatment of the residual wastewaters, in order to find the best condition and
Waste water purification is characterized by intensive mineralization and nitrification
processes. Because of the high O 2 demand, temporarily anaerobic conditions may be
produced, and denitrification by nitrifying organisms as well as heterotropic denitrification
In Northern Ireland, phosphorus enrichment of lakes due to agriculture is a significant
problem. Heavy metal exports from landfill sites, often located on water-logged land, are
also of concern. Locally available laterite, a low grade bauxite which is rich in iron and
Laboratory-scale experiments using flat-blade turbines of different sizes (scale 1: 3) working
on the surface of the liquid have shown that the sorption number Y and the power number
Ne are only dependent on the Froude number Fr. Using this information, the sorption
Abstract A microbial sensor consisting of immobilized yeast or bacterial cells and an oxygen
electrode was developed for the estimation of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). A flow-
through system was used, and the response time was within 20 min. A linear relationship

Application of plant based coagulants for waste water treatment
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A review of plant-based coagulant sources, processes, effectiveness and relevant
coagulating mechanisms for treatment of water and wastewater is presented. These
coagulants are, in general, used as point-of-use technology in less-developed communities

The diffusion of biological waste-water treatment plants in the Dutch food and beverage industry
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This article develops an economic model of environmental technology adoption decisions.
The model is applied econometrically to the diffusion of biological waste-water treatment
plants in the Dutch food and beverage industry. It shows that it is possible to explain the

Biodegradation of chlorphyrifos byKlebsiella sp. isolated from an activated sludge sample of waste water treatment plant in damascus
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Abstract A chlorpyrifos (CPY)-degrading bacterial strain was isolated from an activated
sludge sample collected from theDamascus Wastewater Treatment Plant, Syria. The
isolation ofKlebsiella sp. was facilitated by the addition of CPY at a rate of 3.84 g/L of sludge

Anionic/cationic membranes obtained by a radiation grafting method for use inwaste water treatment
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Abstract: Investigations were carried out on di† erent ionic membranes, which were
prepared by radiation-induced graft copolymerization. Cationic (low density polyethylene
(LPDE)-g-poly (acrylic acid)(PAAc)) and cationic/anionic (LDPE-gP (AAc/4-vinyl pyridine

A comparison of two simple titration procedures to determine volatile fatty acids in influents to waste-water and sludge treatment processes
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Abstract Science knows quite a number of possibilities to determine volatile fatty acids in
waste water and sludges. The simplest and cheapest method, however, developed so far is
titration with acid and base. Different suggestions on how to apply this principle abound.

The history of German waste water treatment
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Today the treatment of domestic and industrial waste water is a matter of course in our
society. It serves the protection of human health, the preservation of water as an ecosystem,
and it also retains the water in a state that makes it usable by humans. However, the

N 2 O emissions from different cropping systems and from aerated, nitrifying and denitrifying tanks of a municipal waste water treatment plant
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Nitrous oxide emissions, nitrate, water-soluble carbon and biological O 2 demand (BOD 5)
were quantified in different cropping systems fertilized with varying amounts of nitrogen
(clayey loam, October 1991 to May 1992), in an aerated tank (March 1993 to March 1994),

Photocatalytic treatment of olive milling waste water: oxidation of protocatechuic acid
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ABSTRACT The photocatalytic degradation of protocatechuic acid, a biorecalcitrant
polyphenolic compound typically found in olive processing and wine distillery waste waters,
has been investigated in aqueous heterogeneous solutions containing semiconductor

Engineering concerns and new developments in anaerobic waste-water treatment
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Abstract. A non-comprehensive review of several developments in the field of anaerobic
biological waste-water treatment engineering is carried out, considering the active role
engineers have to play in this field. The analysis is done as a result of the fact that the

A general review on Advanced Oxidation Processes for waste water treatment
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Abstract–Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) constitute a promising technology for the
treatment of wastewaters containing non-easily removable organic compounds. All AOP are
designed to produce hydroxyl radicals. It is the hydroxyl radicals that act with high efficiency

Isolation and characterization of green microalgae for carbon sequestration,waste water treatment and bio-fuel production
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Abstract Green microalgae Chlorella vulgaris species was collected from Bhavani Lake at
Erode District, Tamil Nadu State, India. The Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy and
Scanning Electron Microscopic studies were utilized to examine morphology of Chlorella

Performance evaluation of waste water treatment plant
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Abstract The present study has been undertaken to evaluate performance efficiency of a
waste water treatment plant. A sewage treatment plant operating on biological treatment
method (Activated Sludge Process) with an average wastewater inflow of 23MLD bas been

Tower-shaped reactors for aerobic biological waste water treatment
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23.5 Coalescence Phenomena 23.5. 1 Effect of Material Parameters on Bubble
Coalescence 23.5. 2 Effect of Process Parameters on Bubble Coalescence 23.5. 3 Effect of
Geometric Parameters on Bubble Coalescence 23.5. 4 Implications for Practical Work 23.6

Polymers for waste water treatment
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Two types of anionic polyelectrolites, co-polymer of the acrylamide-acrylic acid (PA type)
and co-polymer of the acrylic acid-vinyl acetate (PV type), obtained by gamma and electron
beams irradiation, are presented. The experimental results concerning the typical
The influence of high pH on anaerobic degradation of fish process waste-water with a high
total ammonia concentration was investigated in an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket
(UASB) reactor. More than 99% of volatile fatty acids and trimethylamine in the process
Anaerobic waste water treatment processes are commonly presented by the fifth order Hill
and Barth non-linear model, describing three main stages of anaerobic digestion. The model
investigated in the present work is a modified version of the Hill and Barth model, which
Abstract. Lead, cadmium and nickel levels in sewage sludge of a waste water treatment
facility were determined by slotted tube atom trap (STAT)-flame atomic absorption
spectrometry after using different extraction reagents. In addition, a sequential extraction
Summary Polar pollutants in the waste water of the Thessaloniki waste water treatment plant
were qualitatively examined by substance-specific detection and identification methods.
Many pollutants contained in the inflow could even be observed in the effluent together with

Waste water treatment in chemical industries: the concept and current technologies
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Abstract The world s chemical industries face formidable environmental regulatory
challenges in treating their wastewater effluents. The present work aims at highlighting the
various industrial wastewater treatment technologies currently available including physico-
A kinetic model of continuous treatment of waste water by Rhodopseudomonas palustris Y6
immobilized on soft fibre in a columnar bioreaction system was established. Good
agreement was found between the model prediction and the experimental data from
From a petro chemical waste-water treatment plant showing sludge bulking, two filamentous
microorganisms of the Leucothrix type were isolated. Morphological and some physiological
characteristics of the isolates L1 and L2 were compared with the characteristics of two cool

Use of a simple titration procedure to determine H 2 CO 3 alkalinity and volatile fatty acids for process control in waste-water treatment
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Abstract A simple 5-pH point titrimetric method developed elsewhere was tested for
measurement of bicarbonate (or H2C03*) alkalinity and vaiatile fatty acids (VFA) in primary
sludge, fermented primary sludge or its supernatant, settled sewage and anaerobic digester
Bayesian Networks have been proposed as an alternative to rule-based systems in domains
with uncertainty. Applications in monitoring and control can benefit from this form of
knowledge representation. Following the work of Chong and Walley, we explore the
The feasibility of applying the up-flow anaerobicsludge blanket (UASB) treatment for poultry
waste (faeces) water was examined. A continuous-flow UASB pilot scalereactor of 3.50 L
capacity using mixed culture was operatedfor 95 days to assess the treatability of poultry
MATERIALS AND METHODS Saponated cresol solution was of the Japanese
pharmacopoeia grade (Yamazen Chemical Co., Ltd.) and the concentration of cresol was
indicated as 50%. Activated carbons used were commercial products, and its particle size
Abstract The feasibility of nearly-complete conversion of lignocellulosic waste (70% food
crops, 20% faecal matter and 10% green algae) into biogas was investigated in the context
of a life support project. The treatment comprised a series of processes, ie, a mesophilic

A Feasible approach of integrating phosphate recovery as struvite at waste water treatment plants
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Abstract By the end of this century phosphate deposits with low concentrations of hazardous
substances, first of all cadmium and uranium, will be totally exploited. As phosphates cannot
be substituted for plant nutrition by other substances, usage of secondary phosphate

Activated Sludge Bulking Episodes and Dominant Filamentous Bacteria AtWaste Water Treatment Plant Constanta Sud (Romania)
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The study has been carried out during September 2006–January 2007 at Wastewater
Treatment Plant Constanta Sud and it had the aim to identify main microorganisms
responsible for bulking upsets. A comparative survey of abundance and size of floc-forming

Investigation of different control strategies for the BSM1 waste water treatment plant with reactive secondary settler model
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Abstract This paper presents the investigation of different control strategies for the biological
waste water treatment plant. The control strategies have been tested on the Benchmark
Simulation Model No. 1 with a reactive secondary settler model. The reason for using a

Preliminary experiment of EM technology on waste water treatment
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Abstract The objective of the experiment was to investigate the effect of EM4 on improving
the quality of waste water. The experiment was conducted in two locations of candy factory,
viz Nestle and Trebor Companies in Jakarta. The EM4 was treated in laboratory condition to
Abstract. The reuse of resources obtained from regenerating wastewater is an absolute must
both from a social and also environmental and health viewpoint. For any water reuse project
to be viable, water treatment processes must be optimised. In this sense, extensive

Implementation of effluent treatment plants for waste water treatment
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ABSTRACT This work is aimed at giving emphasis on the present pollution scenario in
Bangladesh due to textile effluent and the consequent solution of the problem by installation
of effluent treatment plant. Though the medium and small-scale industrial activities have a

Review of coffee waste water characteristics and approaches to treatment
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ABSTRACT Wet processing of Arabica coffee (Coffea Arabica) produces higher quality and
receives higher prices on the world market compared to coffee prepared via dry method.
Behind the background of depressed world market prices, countries with comparatively low
Abstract A mathematical model is developed for metal ions uptake by aquatic plants. The
model is based on a mechanism which assumes that the complex biological substances
present in the plant react with the metal ions to form complexes of these ions at the solution–

A Review of Surface Tension Measuring Techniques, Surfactants, and Their Implications for Oxygen Transfer in Waste Water Treatment Plants
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ABSTRACT Dynamic surface tension measuring techniques are reviewed and compared.
Dynamic surface tension measurements of various solutions are also From this review the
maximum bubble pressure method appears to be the most promising technique of

The development of waste water treatment systems in Gdansk in 1871–1998
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Gdansk is a thousand-year-old city with a rich mercantile tradition that can be traced back to
the Middle Ages. Thanks to its geographical location the city has been an important land and
sea port for centuries. Today it is Poland s biggest sea port and an important communication

On-line enzyme activity determination using the stopped-flow technique: application to laccase activity in pulp mill waste-water treatment
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Abstract An automated system for on-line measurement of enzyme activity is proposed. The
system uses a flow injection manifold in the stopped-flow mode to measure initial reaction
rates. The time during which the flow is halted is selected in such a way as to optimise the

Biological processing capacities and biomass growth in waste water treatmentby infiltration on two kinds of sand
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In this article, work is presented which highlights the biological processing capacities of
urban waste water within porous media of different textures. A comparative study on the
growth of biomass coupled with the general mechanisms for gas transfer through two
In this work the results obtained from the experimental study of an Atmospheric Pressure
Glow Discharge (APGD) appear, generated in Helium (He) and dry air mixture by using a
radio frequency (RF 13.56 MHz) power source. The external conditions of the discharge, its

Zero-valent iron used for radioactive waste water treatment
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Abstract: The paper presents the researches on the synthesis, characterization and
decontamination capacities tests of the nanostructured zero-valent iron, which can be used
for the radioactive contaminated water treatment from the uranium ore processing plant.

Multi sensor system for fast analyses in environmental monitoring with application in waste water treatment
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ABSTRACT The presented mobile multisensor system consists of a LIF spectrometer, a
reflection spectrometer, and sensors for temperature, pH value, redox potential, and
conductivity for in situ investigations. Additional sensors can be integrated easily. This

Waste water treatment plants as regional energy cells–evaluation of economic and ecologic potentials in Austria
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The paper discusses the economic and environmental aspect of the PNS-Studio
calculations and the different fields of application for the produced resources (heat,
electricity and biogas), using a real world case study. Furthermore the approach of

Waste water treatment by coagulation and flocculation
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Abstract: All waters, especially surface waters, contain both dissolved and suspended
particles. Coagulation and flocculation processes are used to separate the suspended
solids portion from the water. The suspended particles vary considerably in source,

Waste water treatment by precipitating copper, lead and nickel species
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Abstract Precipitation of metallic species in either, liquid-liquid, solid-solid, or liquid-solid
systems is a current phenomenon that is related with the formation and/or deposition of
second phases. An example of the above is the deposition of some precipitated species on

Application of Membrane-Bio-Reactor in Waste-Water Treatment: A Review
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Abstract In the near future, the availability of fresh clean water will become increasingly
limited in many areas of the world. Salinity intrusion into ground water supplies, nutrient
eutrophication, endocrine disruptors, and heavy metals are just a few source of

Influences of food waste disposers on sewerage system, waste water treatment and sludge digestion
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SUMMARY: As a consequence of changes within waste water treatment processes sludge
compositions have changed and sludge ages have increased. Therefore many municipal
digesters (in Germany) offer free capacities. Moreover many municipal waste water

An integrated methodology for the impact assessment of the design and operation of the sewer-waste water treatment plant system on the receivingwater
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ABSTRACT The poster deals with an integrated methodology for the assessment of the
impacts of alternative sewer and waste water treatment plant (WWTP) management
scenario s on the quality of the receiving waters. The input time series for the flows and

Scum hydrodynamic disintegration for waste water treatment efficiency upgrading
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Abstract: The aim of wastewater treatment is mineralization of organic matter and release
nutrients removal. Hydrodynamic disintegration process facility biodegradation of organic
matter included in scum biomass of activated sludge. Hydrodynamic disintegration results in

brominated chemicals in a PentaBDE replacement mixture and their detection in biosolids collected from two San Francisco Bay area waste water treatment
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Worldwide restrictions on the use of PentaBDE have led to the use of new brominated flame
retardant mixtures to meet flammability standards. Assessments to determine if the
chemicals in some of these mixtures are accumulating in the environment have thus far not

Treatment of textile waste water using H2O2/UV system
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Treatment of textile wastewater with the Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) is based on
using the H2O2/UV system. The optimum condition for treatment of an effluent sample was
determined by experimenting on a synthetic dye solution prepared using the blue sulfur dye.

Water quality assessment of raw sewage and final treated water with special reference to Waste Water Treatment Plant Bhopal, MP, India
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Abstract This study aims at describing the parameters of waste stabilization technique using
anaerobic and facultative ponds. The waste water samples were taken from raw sewage
final treated water and analyzed physicochemical parameters like conductivity, total
Abstract A case study was undertaken for the treatment of domestic wastewater generated at
village of Sanghol, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab (India), using a schematic designed algal
and duckweed based stabilization pond system, which is discussed here for winter months

Conductivity measurements for controlling municipal waste-water treatment
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Abstract Conductivity measurements can be used to monitor the processes in wastewater
treatment that causes changes in conductivity. The processes that in many treatment plants
cause changes in conductivity are mainly biological nitrogen removal. Conductivity

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Abstract The first part of this work presents the development and implementation in the
Benchmark Simulation Model No 1 (BSM1) of a modified Activated Sludge Model No 3
(ASM3). The enhanced ASM3 presented in this study has three modifications compared to
technologies, etc., total waste water treatment is required. The ammonia formed in the cburse
of waste water treatment by enzymatic hydrolysis of organic nitrogen is converted into nitrate
in a two-stage process of biological oxidation. Ed V. Venkatsubramanian. HollG, J. Kollar G., Th

Waste-water treatment coupled with biodiesel production using microalgae: a bio-refinery approach
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Scarcity and non-renewable nature of petroleum based liquid fuels have made them an un-
reliable source of energy. Excessive greenhouse gas emissions and the associated effects
on global warming have become noteworthy environmental, economic and social threats. In

Bio hydrogen production from pharmaceutical waste water treatment by a suspended growth reactor using environmental anaerobic technology
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ABSTRACT Hydrogen (H2) is considered as the future fuel. The present work on Bio
Hydrogen Production from Pharmaceutical Waste Water Treatment by a Suspended Growth
Reactor Using Environmental Anaerobic Technology. This is an appreciated approach at

methods for wastewater containing cyanide: Analytical studies on new electrolysis technology developed for total treatment of waste water containing gold or
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Cyanide is a very reactive toxic compound which forms lethal hydrogen cyanide gas (HCN)
in humid and acidic conditions. HCN gas affects respiration and incurs cell suffocation. Even
so, a large amount of cyanide is used in metal plating, electronics and mining industries. 1

Energy Reduction Methods in the Aeration Process at Perth Waste Water Treatment Plant
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Abstract The aim of this research was to provide some degree of insight into the problem of
energy overuse in the activated sludge process. The ASM1 model was used to describe the
changes in levels of dissolved oxygen in three aeration compartments”, each containing

Waste management and application of fish bone hydroxyapatite for waste water treatment
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Abstract: The microstructural and phase development of natural fish bone through heat
treatment were examined for the purpose of fish waste management and possible route for
hydroxyapatite ceramic for environmental application. The fish bone, heated at temperatures

Potential of treated dairy waste water for the cultivation of algae and waste water treatment by algae
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Abstract: Algae (singular Algae) is a term that encompasses many different groups of living
organism. Algae capture light energy through photosynthesis and convert inorganic
substances into simple sugar. Algae made up of eukaryotic cells and range from single cell

Waste water treatment of biomass based power plant
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Abstract: The power generation from biomass requires the water to clean the producer gas
for use in engines. The water used as cleaning agent gets contaminated with organic and
inorganic compound and becomes highly polluted. The study was conducted to develop low

Monodisperse nanostructured Fe3O4/ZnO microrods using for waste water treatment
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articleinfo Article history: Received 16 March 2014 Received in revised form 9 June
2014 Accepted 23 June 2014 Available online 5 July 2014 Keywords: Microwave
hydrothermal synthesis Fe3O4/ZnO heterostructures Photocatalyst Waste water

Treatment of dairy waste water by electro coagulation using aluminum electrodes and settling, filtration studies
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Abstract: The removal of COD and oil from dairy wastewater was experimentally investigated
using direct current (DC) electrocoagulation (EC). In the EC of dairy wastewater, the effects
of initial pH, electrolysis time, initial concentration of COD, and current intensity were

Tannery waste water treatment: A review
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ABSTRACT The transformation of hides into leather is usually done by using tanning agents
and a highly turbid, colored and foul smelling wastewater is generated in the process. The
major components of the effluent include sulphide, chromium, volatile organic compounds,

An investigation of the model of aerobic waste water treatment processes
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The aim of the paper is to derive and investigate the sensitivity model of the aerobic batch
waste water treatment processes, described by Monod equations, in order to correct the a-
priory information about the model parameters to match the current experimental data. The
coagulation, flocculation and flotation in water and wastewater treatment plants. The study

Waste water treatment through dendrimer conjugated magnetic nanoparticles
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Abstract: Water treatment by the use of nano technology has been an encouraging progress,
though nano membranes and nanofilters are used in the treatment of water, the technology
of metal ion removal by the use of a nanoadsorbant is at a neonatal stage in India, though it

Impact of poorly maintained waste water and sewage treatment plants: Lessons from South Africa
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ABSTRACT Poor operation and maintenance of wastewater and sewage treatment
infrastructure is a cause for concern in South Africa. Many water quality studies conducted in
South Africa revealed that this problem contributes to the pollution of water resources upon

Activation Chemistry and Kinetics of Shea Nut Shell Biosorbents for TextileWaste Water Treatment
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ABSRACT: Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) and Zinc chloride (ZnCl2) catalyzed Shea nut shells,
subjected to a one way activation scheme was employed to study the adsorption kinetics
and mode of diffusion of industrial dye uptake. Thermodynamics data obtained in this study

Microbial degradation of chlorinated compounds: application of specialized bacteria in the treatment of contaminated soil and waste water
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Man-made chemicals used as refrigerants, fire retardants, paints, solvents, and pesticides
cause considerable environmental pollution and human health problems as a result of their
persistence, toxicity, and transformation into hazardous metabolites. Many environmentally

Synthesis and development of novel aminated chelating resin and its application in industrial waste water treatment
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Abstract: An investigation was undertaken regarding the adsorption of different heavy metal
ions from aqueous solutions using novel tertiary aminated cellulose (TAC) having different
amine extents, which was prepared by reacting amine epoxide formed from epichlorohydrin

Some strategies for reusing residues from waste water treatment plants: Preparation of building materials
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Abstract: Some aspects on the reusing of sewage sludge pellets (SSP) obtained from drying
sludge process and on the reusing of sewage sludge ash (SSA), obtained from incineration
of wastewater sludges, in building materials manufacturing have been studied In the first

Potential use of a ciliate, Vorticella microstoma, surviving in lead containing industrial effluents, in waste water treatment
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Abstract.-The capability of a lead tolerating ciliate Vorticella microstoma isolated from
industrial wastewater of tanneries of Kasur, to reduce the concentration of lead ions in the
medium was determined and its potential use as bioremediator of wastewater was

Periphyton succession in a waste water treatment pond
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ABSTRACT A study on periphyton succession in the self-depuration wastewater body
exposed to sunlight was conducted for 15 days in a laboratory pond. The physico-chemical
parameters (temperature, pH, salinity, conductivity, turbidity, total dissolved solids, total

Anaerobic treatment of waste water derived from hydrothermal carbonization
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ABSTRACT: Hydrothermal carbonization converts biomass into a lignite-like product which
has potential applications as a carbon-neutral power plant fuel or as a soil amendment.
Since the process takes place in water it is well suited for biomass with a high moisture
New York Inc. I Contamination DOI: 10.1007/S00128-001-0107-X " and Toxicology Exposure
to Endotoxins and Microbes in the Treatment of Waste Water and in the Industrial Debarking

Waste water treatment using sequential batch reactor and development of microbiological method for the analysis of relative toxicity
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Abstract: Pharmaceutical industry is a very progressing sector in Pakistan with over 400
Pharmaceutical manufacturing in the country. The pharmaceutical industry in Karachi is
discharging thousands of gallons of waste per day carrying with itself huge quantities of

Radiation treatment of waste water
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Abstract RADIATION TREATMENT OF WASTE WATER. Indiscriminate decomposition of
organics in oxygenated waste water to carbon dioxide and water can be attained by strong
active species produced by water radiolysis. The G-values of decomposition, COD
Reclaimed wastewater has been used extensively as a source of irrigation water for
centuries. In addition to provide a low water source cost, other side benefits include
increases in crop yields and decreased reliance on chemical fertilizers. One of the main

Application of coaxial dielectric barrier discharge for potable and waste water treatment
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Abstract. A coaxial dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) closed system has been developed,
constructed and described. DBD has obtained in the gap within layer of flowing water which
covers an inner electrode and the glass tube protecting the outer electrode of the coaxial

Use of magnetic filtration in waste water treatment
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The materials based on iron oxides are widely used for toxic elements removal. Magnetite
nanoparticles are good sorbent of arsenic from water, but their practical use is quite limited.
The solid/liquid separation of material in the nano-scale range is difficult. In this study, the

Treatment of geothermal waste water to prevent silica scaling
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ABSTRACT Silica scaling potential from geothermal waters puts limits on to what extent the
heat from the water can be extracted. Once the waters become over-saturated with respect
to amorphous silica, the handling of such waters becomes problematic. Many methods have

Laboratory modeling and research of waste water treatment processes in biofilters with polymer feed
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Summary-The artificial water cycle can be divided into the phases of water capture from the
environment, potabilisation, distribution, waste water collection, waste water treatment and
discharge back into the environment. The terminal phase of this cycle, from waste water

Treatment of domestic waste water with Botryococcus braunii (Cholorophyceae)
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Abstract Wastewater is relatively rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients. If this
water was given to recipient environment such as freshwater and marine systems without
treatment, it causes major environmental problems. Although these compounds are very