Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD) – Produces flash memory, microprocessors (mainly x86), communications ICs, and embedded system ICs.
Alliance Semiconductor Corp – Manufactures ICs for applications including memory, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) suppresion, and PCI bridging.
Ample Communications, Inc – Manufactures communications ICs for SONET, SDH, and Ethernet.
Aspex Technology Ltd – Manufacturer of specialized processor devices for communications, cryptography, web services, and multimedia.
Bay Microsystems, Inc – Manufactures a family of network processors.
Comtech AHA Corp – Manufactures ICs for compression and forward error correction (FEC).
Data Delay Devices, Inc – Manufacturer of delay line related products.
Elpida Memory, Inc. – Offers memory products, including RDRAM, SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, and Mobile RAM.
Fulcrum Microsystems, Inc – Develops and sells chips and IP (intellectual property) for asynchronous logic circuits.
Galazar Networks, Inc. – Manufacturer of system semiconductors solutions for carrier grade ethernet services, SONET, SDH and PDH.
Genesys Logic, Inc. – Vendor of USB, Firewire and system monitoring components.
Giga Semiconductor, Inc (GSI Technology) – Manufacturer of SRAM.
Greenfield Networks – Manufactures Ethernet switching chipsets.
Hynix Semiconductor, Inc – Manufacturers of SRAM, DRAM, FLASH and other semiconductor devices. Also offers ASIC foundry services. Formerly Hyundai Electronics.
Infinior MicroSystems Co. – Focused on microcontroller and DSP intellectual property development and licensing. Also offers related ICs. Located in Korea.
Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. – Designs, develops and markets static random access memory and nonvolatile memory integrated circuits used in personal computers, data communications, telecommunications, instrumentation and consumer products. (Nasdaq: ISSI).
IPFlex, Inc – Focused on developing dynamically reconfigurable processors and corresponding integrated development software.
Lexor Electronic Laboratories – Delay line and filter network manufacturers.
LOGIC Devices, Inc. – Produces image and signal processing ICs for guidance and target recognition, digital video editing, image enhancement, and digital filtering.
Macronix – Provides CPU, video, audio, network, analog, embedded with ROM, EPROM, or flash memory as a system-on-chip solution for multimedia applications.
MOSAID Technologies Inc. – Manufacturer of ternary contents addressable memory ( CAM ) for network applications.
Mosel Vitelic, Corp – Manufacturers of DRAM, SRAM, FIFO, and Flash memories.
MoSys Inc. – Offers licensable intellectual property (IP) to a one transistor, one capacitor SRAM cell. Also produces SRAM ICs that utilize the one transistor cell.
MUSIC Semiconductors – Produces content address memories (CAMs), routing coprocessors, and packet filters.
Oki Semiconductor – A full range of digital ICs from RTCs to MPUs and network devices.
OPTi Inc – Manufacturer of ICs , including controller chips for LCD panels, PCI, USB, and research1394 interconnect, and microprocessor interconnect (core logic).
Oxford Semiconductor – Designs ICs for data communications and connectivity applications. Applications include UARTS, parallel ports and Firewire ( research1394 ).
Parama Networks, Inc – Produces devices for telecommunication equipment manufacturers, including chips for Ethernet over SONET applications.
Pericom Semiconductor, Corp – Manufactures silicon-based analog and digital switches, LVDS components, PCI-Bridges, logic devices, clock and timing products, and signal translators.
picoChip Designs Ltd – Produces a device with integrated parallel processors, especially targeted at DSP applications.
PLX Technology, Inc – Supplier of standard I/O interconnect silicon, including bridge chips for standards such as PCI, HyperTransport, and USB.
Primarion Corp. – Manufactures digitally controlled power-management devices.
QLogic Corporation – Supplies advanced, systems-level integrated circuits and semiconductor products which manage and direct data flow between multiple central processing units and peripheral devices. (Nasdaq: QLGC).
Quellan, Inc – Designs solutions for high-speed system interconnect market, including managing crosstalk issues.
QuickLogic Corp – Makes stand-alone devices such as PCI bridges, memory controllers, and GbE Ethernet MACs, in addition to FPGAs that integrate parts of the stand-alone devices.
Ramtron International Corp – Manufacturer of FRAM (ferroelectric random access memory) devices.
Raza Microelectronics, Inc – Develops microprocessor products based on the MIPS64 instruction set architecture.
Saifun Semiconductors Ltd. – Manufacturer of non volatile memory (NVM), especially EEPROMs.
Sandburst Corp – Develops network processors, packet switching, traffic management, and packet processing ICs.
Silicon Image – Manufacturer of IC’s for displays (DLP, LCD, DVD, VGA) and storage (RAID, ATA, IDE, and Fibre Channel SERDES). Acquired SCL and CMD Technology.
icon Image, Inc
– Makes ICs for Fiber Channel, PCI to ATA, and serial ATA applications.
Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. (SST) – Manufactures flash memory and microcontrollers.
Small World Communications – A company specialising in error control decoder and encoder cores for programmable gate arrays. Includes licensing information and specifications.
SPINTRON – Developing ferromagnetic non-volatile RAM.
ST Microelectronics – Provide devices ranging from standard TTL logic to MPUs, to NVRAM.
Sun’s Microelectronics Solutions – Develops, designs and distributes SPARC and Java products. Produces: microprocessors, chipsets, modules, boards, technology licenses, silicon and system design kits and consulting services.
Switchcore – Manufactures switching and routing ICs, as well as content addressable memory (CAM).
TranSwitch Corporation – Manufacturer of semiconductors for use in telecommunications and data communications equipment.
UniRAM Technology, Inc – Offers design services and IP for memory and error correction codes.
VIA Technologies, Inc. – Innovator and developer of PC core logic chipsets, microprocessors, and multimedia and communications chips. Features a range of information on products, support, and education.
White Electronic Designs, Corp. – Produces semiconductor packaging, defense and commercial digital memory products and multi-chip modules. Also offers outdoor industrial/commercial displays and interface electronics, including membrane and elastomer keypads, graphic overlays and biosensors.
Wintegra, Inc – Makes network processors, especially for access systems.
Xelerated, Inc – Manufacturers network processors.