vlsi interview question-objective type-06

91. Multiprocessing is (a) same as multitasking (b) same as multiprogramming (c)
multiuser (d) involves using more than one processor at the same time
92. The most widely used network operating system on PC LANs is (a) Linux (b) Novell
Netware (c) Unix (d) Windows NT
93. Disk fragmentation (a) is caused by wear (b) caused by overuse (c) is due to bad disk
blocks (d) none of the previous
94. A compiler is (a) a fast interpreter (b) slower than an interpreter (c) converts a program
to machine code (d) none of the previous
95. An interpreter is (a) faster than a compiler (b) translates and executes programs
statement by statement (c) converts a program to machine code (d) none of the previous
96. JPEG and MPEG (a) have to do with compression of graphics and video (b) have to do
with Web pages (c) the Internet (d) none of the previous
97. “Zipping” a file means (a) encrypting it (b) decrypting it (c) compressing it (d)
transmitting it
98. The speed of transferring data with your modem is governed by (a) the speed of the
your modem (b) the speed of the receiving modem (c) the speed of transmitting/receiving
modems (d) the distance between the modems
99. ISDN speeds are (a) faster than ATM speeds (b) slower than ATM speeds (c) same as
modem speeds (d) same as ADSL speeds
100. A cable modem uses (a) LAN cable (b) cable-TV cable (c) is same speed as
conventional modem (d) optic fibre cables
101. A client-server system is based on (a) mainframe technology (b) WAN technology (c)
LAN technology (d) Unix operating system
102. A multiplexor is a form of (a) hub (b) modem (c) bridge (d) none of the previous6
103. A hub is a (a) router (b) a bridge (c) repeater (d) all of the previous
104. A search engine is (a) hardware (b) IR system for the Internet (c) browser (d) none of
the previous
105. An ISP (a) provides access to the Internet (b) is a CPU register (c) is a CPU functional
unit (d) make of processor
106. FTP is (a) used to send email (b) used to browse the Web (c) is part of Netscape (d) is a
protocol for the transfer of files between computers
107. Telnet (a) used to send email (b) uses telephone lines (c) is part of Netscape (d) is a
protocol that allows for remote login
108. A firewall is (a) used to protect a computer room from fires and floods (b) a form of
virus (c) a screen saver program (d) none of the previous
109. A proxy server is (a) a backup server (b) an email server (c) a poor file server (d) none
of the above
110. An RDBMS is a (a) remote DBMS (b) relative DBMS (c) Relational DBMS (d)
Reliable DBMS