vlsi book


CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits: Analysis and Design (3 rd ed.), Kang and Leblebici
Digital Integrated Circuits, A Design Perspective (2 nd ed.), Rabaey, Chandrakasan, and Nikolic
CMOS VLSI Design (3 rd ed.), Weste and Harris
CMOS: Circuit Design, Layout and Simulation Baker
CMOS Logic Circuit Design, Uyemura, Microelectronic Circuit Design (3 rd ed.), Jaeger
Solid-State Electronic Devices, Ben G. Streetman Modern VLSI Devices, Taur
Operation And Modeling Of The MOS Transistor, Tsividis – Analog CMOS Circuits
Design Of Analog Integrated Circuits, Razavi
CMOS Analog Circuit Design, Allen
– VLSI Processing

Fundamentals of Semiconductor Processing, Sze
Introduction To Microelectronic Fabrication, Jaeger
The Science And Engineering Of Microelectronic Fabrication, Campbell

Class Notes

The MOSFET Bias Equation
The Common Source Amplifier
The Common Gate Amplifier
The Common Drain Amplifier
The MOSFET Diff Amp
The BJT Current Mirror
MOSFET Current Mirror Applications
Single Transistor Current Sources
Ideal Op Amp Circuits
Transfer Functions and Bode Plots
MOSFET Pi Model with Body Effect
MOSFET T Model with Body Effect
MOSFET Simplified T Model with Body Effect
MOSFET Thevenin Source Circuit with Body Effect
MOSFET Summary with Body Effect