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Transmission Line Books
RF and Microwave Coupled-Line Circuits Bahl, et al.
Multiconductor Transmission Line Analysis
Lossy Transmission Lines by Gardiol
Digital Transmission Lines Granzow, Oxford
Microwave Transmission Line Impedance Data by Gunston
Microstrip Lines and Slotlines by Gupta et al
Electrical Characteristics of Transmission Lines by Hillberg
Microwave Transmission Line Filters by Malherbe

A system of conductors suitable for conducting electric power or signals between two or more termini. Transmission lines take many forms in practice and have application in many disciplines. For example, they traverse the countryside, carrying telephone signals and electric power. The same transmission lines, with similar functions, may be hidden above false ceilings in urban buildings. With the need to reliably and securely transmit ever larger amounts of data, the required frequency of operation has increased from the high-frequency microwave range to the still higher frequency of light. Optical fibers are installed in data-intensive buildings and form a nationwide network. Increasing demand also requires that transmission lines handle greater values of electric power.
Transmission lines can, in some cases, be analyzed by using a fairly simple model that consists of distributed linear electrical components. Models of this type, with some permutations, can also be used to describe wave propagation in integrated circuits and along nerve fibers in animals. The study of hollow metal waveguides or optical fibers is usually based upon an analysis starting from Maxwell’s equations rather than employing transmission-line models. Fundamentals and definitions that can initially be obtained from a circuit model of a transmission line carry over to waveguides, where the analysis is more complicated

Transmission line

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