Transceiver models from altera

Altera is a pioneer and leader in integrating transceivers into FPGAs. In 2001, we introduced our first FPGA family with integrated transceivers. Since then, we’ve introduced many innovations to make transceivers run faster, operate more reliably, and support emerging protocols with each generation of FPGAs and ASICs. With a top-notch, in-house transceiver design team, we’re equipped to continue tailoring transceivers for specific applications.
Read about how our transceiver expertise is helping us develop direct optical interfaces in our programmable devices. Our optical innovation will overcome future bandwidth limitations of copper-based interconnects.
At 28 nm, our latest transceiver-related innovations include:
Technology for 12.5-Gbps and 28-Gbps transceivers
Support for driving optical modules directly with built-in:
Electronic dispersion compensation (EDC)
LC- (inductor-capacitor) based phase-locked loops (PLLs) for ultra low jitter
Support for driving 10G backplanes directly with:
Transmitter pre-emphasis
Receiver 5-tap distributed feedback equalizer (DFE)
Receiver 4-stage continuous time linear equalization (CTLE)
Plug & Play Signal Integrity with adaptive dispersion compensation engine (ADCE)
Full-featured physical coding sublayer (PCS) including:
8b/10b encoder/decoder
64/66 encoder/decoder
Channel bonding
Support for PCI Express® Gen1/2/3 and FPGA configuration through PCI Express
Support for 40G and 100G datapath
On-chip instrumentation with EyeQ horizontal and vertical data eye monitor
Dynamic and fine-grained partial reconfiguration
Extensive intellectual property (IP) library of industry-standard transceiver protocols

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