Three-phase motor protector apparatus-patent

A three-phase motor protector uses two toroids to monitor all three phases of a three-phase motor. Current and phase loss are monitored directly in phases A and B while the phase C current level is determined by analysis of the phase A and B relationship. Current is induced into the phase A and B toroids from the motor supply lines with the resulting wave fed to an input of high-gain inverting amplifiers to provide A and B square waves which are inputted to separate channels of a microprocessor (U3). The square waves are processed by an AND gate providing an output square wave with a 16.66 percent duty cycle for normal operation. Upon loss of phase C the ANDed result is a digital low since the individual waves of phases A and B become an inverse of one another. In order to prevent nuisance tripping an AND output of less than 2 percent duty cycle is treated as a phase loss. The protector also includes a thermal overload protection network (T6-S2), current overload protection (U1A, U1B), low pressure protection (U2), voltage monitoring (U4), motor size selection (U1C) among other features.

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