telecommunication service providers

ACE*COMM Corporation – Develops operations support system products for networks deployed by telecommunications service providers such as telephone companies, other public carriers and large enterprises operating data and voice networks using intranet and the internet. (Nasdaq: ACEC).
Advanced Telecom Services – IVR and SMS telecom service providing customers with a large-scale dual platform for both voice and mobile data services in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and the Czech Republic.
AireSpring – Provider of dedicated Internet, voice, data, SIP, and integrated voice and data products.
AltiGen Communications, Inc. – Designs, manufactures and markets server-based telecommunications systems which allow businesses to use the internet and the public switched telephone network interchangeably to carry voice and data communications. (Nasdaq: ATGN)
Astound Communications – Offers cable tv, telephone, and high-speed internet access in the USA.
Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation – Providing telecommunication solutions for Brunswick County such as phone, cable, wireless, internet and paging.
Berk-Tel Communications, Inc. – Offers nationwide telecom and data solutions for small to medium size companies. Services include nationwide roll-outs, national MAC service, campus environments and single site projects.
CT Communications, Inc. – Holding company with subsidiaries which offer a package of telecommunications services, including local and long distance telephone services, Internet and data services, and digital wireless services. (Nasdaq: CTCI).
Echo Communications – Offering integrated voice and data solutions in the UK along with call management, integrated billing, and customer service.
Electric Lightwave, Inc. – Provides broad range of telecommunications services, such as local and long distance, data and video and network access services, in the western United States. (Nasdaq: ELIX).
Etisalat – Telecommunication services and technology company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates.
Evans Companies – US based distributor of telecommunications products including NEC and AVT.
France Telecom – Telecommunication company based in France. Includes news, case studies, service, company and product information.
Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Limited – Global leadership in state-of-the-art telecommunications technologies. A European focus, delivering market-leading end-to-end solutions.
General Communications Incorporated – Provides residential and business telecommunications services to residents of Alaska. NYSE:GCI
Golden Telecom, Inc. – Provides telecommunication services which include long distance and cellular phone services to business and other high-usage customers in major townships in Russia. New registrant. (Nasdaq: GLDN).
Heartland Telecom – Providing Sprint and ASC operator services for Independent Payphone Providers (IPP’s).
Hop On – Diversified telecommunication convergence company.
INFOnxx – Provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services to major communications companies, businesses and consumers.
Intelecom Solutions – Integrated communications provider to businesses services including local, long distance, internet service, telephone and data equipment.
International Telecom Ltd. – Full telecommunications service provider for ISPs and local businesses.
Iowa Network Services – Made up of 150 locally owned independent companies providing fibre-optic technologies to Iowa communities.
MDTC McDonough Telephone Cooperative – The company serves rural west-central Illinois providing local, long distance and internet access.
MLL Telecom Ltd – Telecommunications operator providing digital point to point bandwidth for the transmission of voice, data and video within the UK and Europe.
Mahaganar Telephone Nigam Ltd. – Basic telephone, mobile telephone and Internet service provider and more for Delhi, Mumbai, New Mumbai and Thane.
Matrix Business Technologies – Full service telecom provider, 1+ long distance, local service, dedicated access, calling cards and toll free, site hosting, and e-commerce.
Mbasics – Online tools by which WAP, Vodafone live, i-mode and Pocket PC mobile services can be created using a single content management solution.
Melrose Telephone Company – Telecommunications provider in Central Minnesota. Serving the communities of Melrose, St. Martin, Grey Eagle, Kimball, Richmond, Greenwald, Watkins, and surrounding areas.
Mescalero Apache Telecom, Inc. – Local and long distance telecommunication services for Mescalero, NM and surrounding areas.
MetTel – Offers a full range of telephone services and voice and data products for residential markets and small to medium-sized businesses.
Midas communication – Telecommunication research and development company providing cost effective telecommunication solutions worldwide.
NCIC – Offering collect call services, home country direct services and international telecommunication services. Longview, Texas
Navigata – Provider of telecommunications services in British Columbia.
Neoscorp Limited – Operate an ethernet communications network throughout the United Kingdom. Services include point to point ethernet transport and LAN extensions, and virtual private networks.
Network Digital – Covers business communication needs for small to medium businesses based in the UK. Includes digital communications services such as voIP, mobile office, bluetooth, call management solutions, telecoms billing, broadband and mobile phone services.
Network Telephone Corporation – Local and long distance service, high speed Internet access to businesses in the Southeastern U.S.
NuVox Communications – Telecommunications provider offering integrated local and long distance telephone services and high-speed broadband internet access to businesses in the United States. Corporate, services, and dealership information included.
Optic Fusion, Inc. – Telecommunications company grade facilities to the world for local, national, and international customers in Tier 2 and 3 cities.
Pacific Lightnet,Inc. – An integrated communications provider offering integrated, local, long distance, data, video and Internet services in Hawaii.
Pioneer Communications – Full service provider with offices throughout Kansas. Specials, phone, wireless, internet, and cable presented.
Prince Telecom – Specializes in installations of high speed data (cable and DSL modems), in-home networking, aerial and underground fiber and coaxial plant.
Quantum Communications – A Bermuda local telecommunications carrier.
QuantumLink Communications – Provider focusing on the business market.
Royal Telephone Company – Serving Royal, Iowa since 1911 with telephone, cable television, and internet services.
Spantel Communications – Telecommunications company which offers residential and commercial rates to customers.
Supra Telecom – Provides wireline network, local, long distance and network access services for voice communications, digital and data services and advertising services.
Swiftnet – United Kingdom based telecom provider offering least call routing and messaging products.
Synergistic Communications – A full service local and long distance telecommunications provider, consulting agency and voice mail company.
TDS Metrocom – Provides local phone, data and Internet services to business and residential customers. Rockford, Illinois – Provider offering full spectrum of telecom services. Mississauga Ontario, Canada
TeleDynamic Communications Inc. – Provides PBX hosted and VOIP solutions to the San Francisco Bay Area.
Telecentrex, LLC – Offer services including online faxing from a PC, call capturing and forwarding, and televerification, for businesses in the USA.
Telecom New Zealand Limited – Supplier of landline, mobile, fax and internet facilities. Technologies like ADSL, Jetstream, CDMA are all supported.
The 3S Team HotLine – A telephone messaging/broadcast service for Youth Sports Leagues to help streamline communication from a coach to members of their team.
Time Warner Telecom Inc. – Provides broadband connections for data, high-speed internet access, local voice and long distance services. (Nasdaq: TWTC).
Total Call International – United States telecommunications provider.
Total Communications – Voice and data communications provider for the New England area.
Tristar Communications – Florida based full service telecommunications provider.
USA Datanet – Telecommunications provider based in the United States.
USA Telephone – Residential and business telephone service for states along the Eastern Seaboard from Maine to Virginia.
USA WorldTel – International callback, phone cards, Internet telephony, FAX on demand, business e-mail and data circuits.
USACollect – Offers international collect calling for the hospitality industry.
USAccess – Wholesale distributor of voice, data and high speed Internet services. Products include long distance, ISDN PRI, T1, T3, DS3, OC3, DSL, ATM, and frame relay.
United Connect – International telecommunications provider based in the United Kingdom.
Universal Telecom – Telecommunications services to governments, businesses and residential customers.
WTC Communications – Offers local phone service, Cable TV, Internet Access. Serving Eastern Iowa.
Xfone – United Kingdom based full service telecom services provider.