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IBM is about to complete its 100 years on June 16, 2011. On the occasion of company’s centennial, IBM’s Regional General Manager responsible for India and South Asia, Shankar Annaswamy, addressed the media and took everyone through IBM’s journey in India, its achievements, and laid down strategic plans and aims for the coming next five years. As part of its celebration, IBM will align itself to a unique global initiative wherein 10,000 IBM employees will volunteer their time and talent in support of Planet initiatives, which will involve rural education and health services.
IBM claims to be two times ahead of its competitors in service space and a leader in storage, investment and innovation. It boasts of having 700 clients cross 17 industries for its global business services. Their global technology, portrays a striking 400 clients.
Since the time IBM set its footprints in India, IBM has seen many successes and has been a roller costar ride for them. Post liberalization, IBM went into a joint venture with TATA in 1992 and the global services department was set up in 1997. IBM became the first one to set up Research Organization in the year 1998. IBM then in 1999 became a private limited company. The year 2001 saw IBM set up its software lab. However, the turning point for IBM came in the year 2004 with its acquition of Daksh Company and its landmark deal with Bharati – Airtel of 750 million.
The global delivery saw path breaking results for IBM India. At present IBM chips are serving 90 percent of gaming machines. IBM has also pioneered the industry of cloud. Its servers and data centers are vouched by clients all around the world.
As far as banking is concerned, IBM has been able to bring tremendous transformation with its IT services. It has brought the system of core banking in banks like Canara bank and HDFC. One can now survey its non – performing assets. It has also extended its IT infrastructure services to rural banks like Bank of Karad, Maharastra.
Though IBM has been selective about public sector offerings, it has been fortunate to deliver good number of services. It has worked very closely with the Income Tax Department by providing IT infrastructure. It has also extended its IT infrastructure to Delhi and Hyderabad airport. Jet Airways is the next in the line to get infrastructure services from IBM.
In the sphere of healthcare, by using nanotechnology IBM has successfully partnered with Bilcare Research.
IBM aims to make the world work better. It has been responsible in introducing online transaction for American Airlines which was later followed by ATM all over the World.
IBM has been closely working with the non – profit organization for various projects. Sahana Disaster Management tool is one such initiative which provides tsunami alerts to people.
By 2015, IBM wants to utilize the full potential of the growth markets, improve the analytic tools and provide a next generation data center and cloud by reinventing the modern corporation.