Synchrophasor-Based Power System Protection

Synchrophasor-Based Power System Protection and Control Applications
Synchrophasor data consist of analog and digital values with an associated precise time stamp. With precise time, these quantities are collected from various locations, time-aligned, and then processed as a coherent data set. Synchrophasors have generally been used for visualization and post-event analysis. However, new technologies allow synchrophasors to be processed in real time. Synchrophasor systems are now being used for realtime wide-area protection and control. This paper examines several ways synchrophasors are being used:
• Voltage stability detection and correction
• Load/generator shedding
• Islanding control
• Intermittent generation source control and grid interconnection
Each application includes a discussion of how synchrophasors
provided a unique solution and benefit over traditional solutions.
Application performance, speed, data requirements, and equipment are also reviewed. We also discuss a future timesynchronized control solution.

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