Subsystem Design in Aircraft Power Distribution Systems-thesis

The research reported in this dissertation focuses on the development of optimization tools for the design of subsystems in a modern aircraft power distribution system. The baseline power distribution system is built around a 270V DC bus. One of the distinguishing features of this power distribution system is the presence of regenerative power from the electrically driven flight control actuators and structurally integrated smart actuators back to the DC bus. The key electrical components of the power distribution system are bidirectional switching power converters, which convert, control and condition electrical power between the sources and the loads. The dissertation is divided into three parts.
Part I deals with the formulation of an optimization problem for a sample system consisting of a regulated DC-DC buck converter preceded by an input filter. The individual subsystems are optimized first followed by the integrated optimization of the sample system. It is shown that the integrated optimization provides better results than that obtained by integrating the individually optimized systems.
Part II presents a detailed study of piezoelectric actuators. This study includes modeling, optimization of the drive amplifier and the development of a current control law for piezoelectric actuators coupled to a simple mechanical structure.

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