A physician camped at Rudrapur. He hung a signboard bearing his name and vocation, in front of the house he took on rent. He also distributed a hand-bill calling upon the villagers to seek his help in case anyone should fall ill.
He arranged the medicine jars inside the front room of the house and stood on the verandah waiting for patients.
Late in the afternoon he saw a villager coming towards his house. But, to his surprise, the man took a turn and began walking away.
“Gentleman, why are you going back?” asked the physician.
“I doubt if there is any physician here!” said the man.
“Why this doubt? Don’t you see the signboard?” asked the physician, even more surprised.
“The signboard is all right. But look at the other sign-those flower-plants in the tubs. They are dying because they have not been watered. How can one who does not care for his own plants c are for his patients?” observed the man.
The physician realised his mistake. He was no more negligent of his plants.