A man was seen running with a horse, instead of riding it. He held the rope to which the horse was tied.
Gasping for breath, he stopped at an inn for some rest.
“Young man, why were you running with the horse?” asked the innkeeper.
“To reach my destination faster!” answered the young man.
“If that’s the case, why don’t you ride the horse?” asked the curious innkeeper.
The young man smiled meaningfully, but was reluctant to answer. The innkeeper grew even more curious and insisted on getting an answer. The young man finally explained, “You see, I was about to walk to my destination. But my master asked me to go by horse, saying that four legs went faster than two. That gave me the clue to some greater wisdom. If four legs were faster than two, six legs will be faster than four! Do you now understand why I am using the four legs of the horse along with my own two legs?”