story 5

Uncle Luddoo has a free ride
¬†Uncle Luddoo once got into a coach. “Take me to the river-bank,” he ordered. It was evening.
“The fellow has not bargained with us. We will demand of him double fare,” the coachman told his companion who sat by his side. The two spoke in a language which, they were sure, Uncle Luddoo did not understand.
But uncle Luddoo did understand!
The coach drove on. The river-bank was a furlong away when Uncle Luddoo shouted, “Stop, please!”
The coach halted.
“Do you have a match-box?” Uncle asked the coachman while getting down.
“Yes, but why?”
“My gold ring slipped off my finger and went under the seat,” said Uncle, feigning anxiety.
The coachman and his companion looked at each other. Suddenly the coachman whipped the horse and disappeared from Uncle’s sight as fast as he could.
Uncle Luddoo enjoyed a hearty laugh as he walked to his frie nd’s house on the river-bank.