Story 407

The Tiger and the Gold Bangle

Once an old tiger found a gold bangle by the side of a marshy pool. He was too old to hunt so he thought he would use the bangle as a bait to catch a man. Just then an old traveler was passing by on the opposite bank. The tiger spotted him and decided to have him for his dinner.

The tiger called the traveler and asked him to take the gold bangle as he had no use for it. The traveler suspected that this may be a trick to get him.

“How can I trust you?” asked the traveler.

The tiger replied, “Don’t you see I am old! My teeth are practically gone. My claws are blunt, and I cannot use them. I am now a vegetarian and have given up meat. Don’t worry, come and take my gold bangle as a gift.”

The traveler said, “When I get closer, my smell may change your mind.”

“Don’t be silly, have no fear. I am now leading the life of an ascetic. You are safe with me.”

The traveler’s love for gold overcame his natural fear of the tiger.

“I think he is telling the truth” the traveler said to himself. “I will wade across the pool and get the gold bangle. He seems to be a nice tiger.”

As he started to wade through the marshy pool he got stuck in the quick sand and began to sink. The tiger shouted with a smile on his face, “Wait there, I am coming to rescue you.”

Finally the tiger pounced upon the traveler and killed him.

That night the tiger had the greatest feast of his life.