story 1011


Ravi was afraid of darkness. He never braved into the open at night alone.
One day his three friends teased him for his lack of courage. But Ravi asserted that he was as brave as any other boy in the village.
“Is that so? Can you proceed to the cremation ground alone, at night? If you can, we’ll give you a reward of twenty rupees. But you must pay us a similar amount if you cannot. Is the proposal acceptable to you?” asked his friends.
“Very well.” Said Ravi.
To the great surprise of his three friends, Ravi strolled towards the cremation ground at night and returned to his friends.
The friends handed over the promised reward to him and asked him, “Ravi! How could you do this?”
“What is surprising about it? I knew that you chaps will follow me to feel sure that I did the job. Why should I fear when I knew that I was not alone?” explained the triumphant Ravi.