story 1008


 Gangadhar had a vegetable stall in the market. He engaged a young man, Satyaraj, to assist him in the shop. In no time, he earned the praise of his master.
After a few days, Satyaraj began showing signs of getting irritated easily. He would not tolerate bargaining by his customers. He would send them away, saying, “If you’ve no intention to buy, why waste my time?”
Gangadhar noticed the change in his behaviour and advised him to be friendly with his customers. But Satyaraj was not willing to change his ways.
One day, Zamindar Veeramani sent his maid to fetch vegetables. Satyaraj did not like the way she was selecting and discarding vegetables. He rebuked her, and she went away without buying anything. Veeramani complained to Gangadhar, who had no option other than to dismiss Satyaraj.
Two days later, Satyaraj went apologising to Gangadhar, who shouted at him. Satyaraj now c ould not hide his tears. Gangadhar called him back and said, “You now know how anger can harm a person. It can harm both the one who gets angry and the one to whom the anger is directed.”
“I now realise my weakness,” said Satyaraj. “Please forgive me!”
Gangadhar asked him to rejoin his service.