Silicatec bubaneswar -vlsi training

he VLSI division at the Silicatec invites applications for Professor & Trainer position. We seek outstanding applicants with teaching and research interests in System-On-Chip/FPGA/ASIC design for Consumer and Mobile technology areas. Silicatec seeks an individual to join our core faculty in this area and to lead the development of new research and teaching for VLSI programs. We are especially interested in candidates who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of the academic community through their research, teaching, and service.
Silicatec training and research emphasizes in several areas of excellence: computer system design (computer architecture, SOC, ASIC, FPGA and VLSI design, & CAD); We currently offer VLSI Diploma program with future plans for M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Engineering; a part-time M.S. in Computer Engineering with an emphasis in chip design in the Silicon Valley, USA. Research and instruction are supported by excellent computing facilities, classrooms and newly built state-of-the-art laboratories. Silicatec is the Bhubaneswar campus nearest to a future Silicon Valley in Orissa where VLSI start up companies are being set up by Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and has close ties with this local and international VLSI industry. Faculty salaries and startup packages are competitive, and opportunities for growth are extensive.
Silicatec is a sister concern of STG chips pvt ltd. STG chips is nearest to a future Silicon Valley in Orissa where VLSI start up companies are being set up by Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs from USA and has close ties with this local and international VLSI industry. The course offered by Silicatec is the most advanced & researched VLSI training program according to the modern industry requirements in niche areas of verification, protocols and scripting languages. It is an innovative learning center with an objective to elevate the knowledge of fresh graduates through a specially designed program, in the domain of VLSI with the aim of immediate fitment into work Organization & Culture. For more details about Silicatec, please visit the URL Silicatec VLSI at a glance: Why Silicatec: High-tech experienced Silicon Valley Founding team – Strong Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs as founder – Strong Know-how of Semiconductor/VLSI technology – Founder of several successful VLSI companies in USA Who will teach: – Experienced instructors with strong VLSI research and training experience – Visiting professors from IITs and many reputed institutes – Instructors from the Semiconductor Industries in India and USA Proven Methodology for success: – Strong knowledge of complete Specification to Silicon proven Methodology – Know-how of creating flawless chips from Industry point of view (not just Theory) – In-depth analysis of each stage of chip design (Front-end and Back-end) Real Chip design project experience: – Working on latest Chip design Projects – Learning of new generation protocols – Get the complete feel of working on real life chips Strong Placement Capacity: – Established relationship with Semiconductor companies – Good credibility with VLSI companies in India and USA – Continuous marketing updates to HR of VLSI companies – Complete Interview preparation – Training on communication skills and people skills Certification levels Depending on the performance in the test at the end of the course, levels of certification placement will be provided & based on the level the opportunity. o Candidates who get level 1 certification i.e. “certification of participation” o Candidates who get level 2 certification i.e. “certification of competency” will get a salary of Rs 12,000 PM o Candidates who get level 3 certification i.e. “certification of excellence” will get a salary of Rs 15,000 to 25,000 PM If you want to explore yourself in VLSI design, send us your updated profile ASAP and take up the free entrance test for the entry.