short story 1022


A priest, who performed some rites in the house of a generous landlord, was returning with a rich gift. It was a gold necklace.
The road was lonely and it was late in the night. Suddenly four bandits surrounded him.
The priest realized that to hide the ornament was impossible, to resist them would mean certain death.
He quietly opened the bundle and said with a sigh, “Let the looted things go in loot!”
“Is it some thing looted?” asked the bandits.
“It has not been even ten minutes. I saw, at the turn of the road behind, a cart load of boxes of precious jewellery being looted by three or four bandits. They gave me this one so that I won’t utter a word about their operation,” said the priest.
The bandits forgot the priest’s gold necklace and ran towards the bend on the road. The priest now hurried to the nearest village and spent the night in a vill ager’s house, safe with his precious possession.