short story 1021


Ranga lived in Melur on the northern bank of river Kaveri. He had the habit of doing things in haste and repenting later. His daughter lived with her husband in Muthur on the southern bank of the river. Ranga often visited his daughter by going across in a boat. One day, Ranga set out carrying sweetmeat and fruits for his daughter. As soon as he reached the river, he saw the boat somewhere in the middle. He thought, “My God ! The boat has already left. Now I ‘ll have to wait for three hours for the next trip. I would rather swim and get into the boat than wait here.”
So, he jumped into the river, swam swiftly and got into the boat. The boat man asked him, “Where do you want to go?”
Ranga replied, “To Muthur.”
The boat man shouted, “We’re coming from Muthur and going to Melur. Didn’t you see in which direction the boat was moving?”