short story 1019


Surekha was the only daughter of her parents and they doted on her. She was not only smart and shrewd, but also active and mischievous. One night, Surekha’s mother called her and said, “My dear, please fetch the broom from the backyard.”
Finding the backyard quite dark, Surekha went back and said , “Mother, it is very dark over there. I’m scared to go there.”
“Why are you scared of the darkness, Surekha? Chant the name of Lord Ganesa. And he will keep company with you,” assured her mother.
“Do you really mean to say that Ganesa is present there?”asked Surekha.
“Not only there; Ganesa is present everywhere. Now go!” said her mother.
After some hesitation, Surekha went towards the backyard and halted midway. Then she held out her hands and said, “O Ganesa! If you are there in the backyard, please fetch the broom and bring it here for me.”