short story 1018


Veerpal was the ruler of a small territory in the kingdom of Avanti. He paid tribute to King Suvarnasen.
Once Veerpal rebelled against the king. Suvarnasen ordered his general to prepare the army for an attack on Veerpal.
“My lord, this being the rainy season, it is not the right time for a military expedition,” said the general.
“Any time is right time for war,” commented the king.
Next day, the king was surprised to see the prince instructing some servants to water a mango tree.
“Why water the tree in the rainy season?” asked the king.
“I want the fruits quickly,” replied the prince.
“Are you mad? How can the fruits grow before the right time?” asked the king.
“Since any time is right time for a war, I thought any time could be also the right time for mangoes to grow!” replied the prince.
The king withdrew his order.