short story 1015


A scholar arrived at the court of the King of Sivganga. He declared that whoever could defeat him in a contest of wit, would win a gold necklace.
The royal scholar failed to outwit him. Then the court-jester told him, “I shall ask you five questions. It you answer wrong, you win. If your answer proves right even for one question, you must admit defeat.”
The visiting scholar agreed to the condition. The jester asked, “Do you come from another town?” “No, I come from this town,” answered the scholar. “Are you in your town?” asked the jester. “Yes,” was the reply. “You possess a gold necklace, don’t you?” asked the jester. “No,” said the scholar. “Is our king’s name ABCD?” “That is right?” replied the scholar.
The jester declared that the scholar had already been defeated. He then asked, “Well, have I asked all the questions?”
“No. So far you have asked only four. Come on with you r fifth question,” said the scholar.
The jester laughed. “You gave the correct answer to my fifth question. You are defeated!” he said.
The scholar saw the point. He gave away the necklace to the Court-jester.