Robust Design of Power Efficient VLSI Circuits-vlsi lecture notes

Better characterizations, models, and •
• Multi-corner or statistical optimization
• Augment design for runtime adaptability
• Dynamic control based on in-situ sensin
Conventional logic cell delay calculation techniques ignore the actual
shape of waveform
• Current Source Modeling (e.g., ECSM)
– Two-dimensional table of voltage waveforms in terms of input slew and
output capacitance
• Size of the CSM library is a serious concern
greater than a .Lib library orders of magnitude – Data volume
– Multiple Libraries in the Process, Temperature, Voltage (PVT) space
– Additionally the CSM library may contain power, noise, and variability
• Goals
– Reduce library size while
maintaining accuracy
– Parameterize all waveform
data vs. slew, cap, and PVT

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