rfid tag manufacturers

ACS designs, develops, implements and maintains integrated ticketing systems for the public transport industry. It offers a complete range of products in public transport, for urban and interurban applications, multi networks, multi modal and multi services in magnetic and contactless technology as :
Sales terminals : automatic ticket vending machines, retailer POS, ticket office machines, contactless reloading terminals,
Access control : on-board validators, platform validators, gates, inspector terminals, ACS provides also tools to collect and analyse traffic data for network management.
With more than 300 systems in operation worldwide (Adelaide, Barcelona, Bologna, Brasilia, Bursa, Goiania, Hong-Kong, Houston, Kuala-Lumpur, Leon, Lyon, Marseilles, Medellin, Melbourne, Mexico, Milan, Montreal, Napoli, New-York, Nice, Paris, Riga, Toulouse, Tours, Torreon, Venice, Versailles, Warsaw, Zurich…) and 120 contactless solutions already installed and running,More than 100 million transactions processed worldwide every day !
ASK With more than 50 million 13.56MHz RFID products already delivered (end 2004) using silkscreen printing antennas on paper, ASK is the world leader in disposable RFID smart tickets and paper labels. Committed to quality, ASK production capacity already exceeds 100 Million labels per year.
ASK expertise covers antenna design, chip pick&placing, industrial production of labels and tickets and performance guarantee of 13.56MHz subsystems including short-range, long-range and handheld readers.
All of these bricks enable system integrators to propose high-quality systems to their customers.
deister electronic GmbH develops, produces and distributes innovative RFID-products for all internationally established frequencies and technologies (LF: 125/134.2 kHz; HF: 13.56 MHz; UHF: 433/868 MHz, 2.45 GHz). The company belongs to the leading suppliers of RFID worldwide. One of the main markets is the field of Ident & Automation. Here deister electronic offers stationary and mobile read/write-units especially for industrial automation, supply chain management and transportation/logistics. The product range also includes universal RFID-components for different OEM-applications.
deister electronic has its headquarters in Barsinghausen/Deister, Germany. Subsidiaries for sales and service exist in Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium/Luxembourg, Italy, USA, Canada, Singapore and Japan. Worldwide deister electronic employs > 200 people. In 2007, deister electronic celebrates its 30th anniversary.
EBV Elektronik is the leading specialist in EMEA semiconductor distribution and the partner of choice for its customers, suppliers & employees.As part of it’s specialised support strategy, EBV has set up a dedicated vertical sales team to support customers in RFID applications across EMEA. How can customers benefit from EBV’s dedicated RFID support?
EBV is adding value at all stages of customers’ supply chain, starting with in-depth design expertise and application know-how via value-added services right up to full logistics and supply chain management solutions
All of EBV’s 120 field application engineers are trained permanently by the products experts of the semiconductor suppliers and are therefore on top of the latest products and technologies trends.
In addition, EBV’s field sales engineers, most of them also electronics engineers, provide comprehensive commercial, technical and logistics support to all customers in EMEA
EBV cooperates with partners like system integrators, tag/transponder/label manufacturers, software specialists, antenna designers
Estar Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese RFID-card provider to customers worldwide. The company specializes in RFID technology at 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz and 915 MHz. We design and manufacture inlay, tags and cards that comply with all ISO standards. We have the flexibility to accommodate a broad range of card substrates, sizes and formats with our skilled engineering teams and manufacturing experts.
In China, more than 50 million mini cards have been made by Estar. The cards are used in royalty, transport and access-control applications with different materials and sharps according to your preferences. Estar is committed to high quality and innovation.
FEIG ELECTRONIC develops and manufactures RFID readers and antennas for LF, HF and UHF frequencies. FEIG offers a wide range of reader products from proximity reader modules, hand-held readers, mid-range and long-range readers with reading ranges up to 140 cm. The OBID i-scan® product family (HF and UHF) offers readers for applications in retail (EPC), logistics, libraries etc. Features of these readers are multi-tag capability, anti-collision and BRM-function (data filtering and buffering) which is increasing the speed and guarantees, that no transponder data will be lost. As an OEM supplier, FEIG targets system integrators and VAR´s. These customers are supported by product trainings, technical support, sales- and marketing support.
IER, subsidiary of Bolloré Group, develops solutions to optimize operational efficiency and enhance security in flow processing of people, vehicles and goods in the transportation and logistics industries.
Based on more than 10 years expertise in ID solutions including RF labels, IER has gradually built up its development skills and capacity in the design and manufacture of a wide range of inlays in various types of materials and made-to measure antenna adapted to its clients needs.
KSW microtec AG: As Europe’s first service supplier of adhesive flip chip technologies, KSW Microtec offers a broad variety of technology-based products and services, ranging from post-fab wafer processing to the state-of-the-art microelectronic assembly solutions and low cost microelectronic packaging. KSW Microtec, founded in 1994, sets new milestones with its Smart Active Label (SAL) products, namely TempSens and VarioSens, its advanced sensor/RFID chip development activities and the novel and environmentally friendly battery technology. KSW is a founding member of the Smart Active Label (SAL) Consortium, an action-driven group incorporated in 2003 that brings users and technology suppliers together to promote the use of smart active label solutions.
MANGO Tatwah Smartech Co .Ltd was set up in 1987 and specialize in manufacturing contact-less smart cards and reader. We was accredited with ISO 9001 : 2000 certification and awarded 24 prizes for patents and new style utility in area of smart card. Current staffing level is 1400 and the areas of workshop cover 28000 square meters.
At the moment, TATWAH SMARTECH Co.,Ltd have capacity of 550k RFID products per day.
Major product lines include : contact-less smart cards, smart tags, smart labels, as well as reader and reading Modules. We own HP-200 printer for card personization, and offer service with ink jet code, laser engraveing, relief printing. Ability to laminate different types of chips provided. TATWAH SMARTECH Co.,Ltd is leading manufacturer of RFID products.
MONTALBANO TECHNOLOGY’s mission is to establish itself as a leader in the up-scale RF-ID market by deploying devices based on an innovative, flexible, modular and programmable single chip platform which combines the widely established RF-ID technology, the microprocessor technology and the world of the embedded sensors.
MT’s product family, named multiTag, consists of a number of semi-passive RF-ID devices with sensors, which are able to measure time with high accuracy and to acquire, process, store and eventually transmit data of exposure to heat and to other environmental factors. MT provides with turnkey solutions which include the application software, the reader and the application specific RF-ID device.
Such devices come in different shapes and sizes and with specific features, depending on the targeted application.
The company, named Montalbano Technology SpA, has a fully paid-up capital of € 1,000,000.
POWER ID is the industry leader in the field of Battery-Assisted, Passive (BAP) RFID. The company provides reliable and cost-effective BAP RFID labels for selected applications in industries involving freight, metals, chemicals, paper, people tracking, and the cold supply chain.
We are focused on providing reliable BAP RFID labels that are compliant with industry standard readers at affordable prices. Always with our eye on the future, we have a rich roadmap that includes EPC-compliant labels and cost-effective sensor-enabled RFID labels.
RCD technology is a RFID solutions consultant, a tag developer, and a vertically integrated manufacturer of passive HF and UHF inlays, prelams, wristbands, labels, and tickets. All products utilize the patented RCD additive copper antennae process (environmentally green) and options such as RCDSECURE- RFID labels that electrically fail once removed from the object, high/low temperature designs, water/chemical robust constructions, unique shape/sized inlays, etc. RCD creates application specific RFID tag solutions for its customers.
Sharp Takaya Electronics Industry co.,Ltd
Sharp Takaya develops and produces low cost, high quality RFID inlays. Sharp-Takaya expertise covers antenna design, inlay manufacturing and its equipment development.
Sharp-Takaya was established by joint investment with Sharp Corporation and Takaya Corporation in August, 1979.
Sharp-Takaya began as a leading factory of the semiconductor assembly of Sharp brand IC products in Okayama, Japan.
Smartres, a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag supplier, bases its transponders production on proprietary productive technology. The flexibility of the productive process, which is based on an insulated copper wire antenna, allows Smart Res to offer fully customizable tags. Transponder tuning, chip positioning, antenna geometries are some of the customizable features of Smart Res products. In a complex-growing market Smart Res is able to meet the widest selection of customer needs, from mass production to prototypes. SmartRes’s head office is located in Modena, Italy, and has a second production unit and R&D facility in Cosenza.
STid Electronic Identification is a French company specializing in the design, development and sales of RFID readers and OEM products using LF, HF and UHF frequencies. This comprehensive product range enables STId to meet customer requirements in terms of security, reading performance and integration in existing infrastructures. Since 1996, STId has been at the cutting edge of RFID innovation enabling the company to provide customers with tailored products on the following markets:
Access control: proximity and hands-free readers (LF and HF) with badges Vehicle identification: high speed and long range readers with badges
Product traceability in industrial or logistic processes: industrial readers (UHF, HF and LF) with standard and specific tag designs (EPC, ISO 18000, ISO 15693…)
As customer satisfaction is our primary concern, we provide them with technical support as well as consulting services.
TAGSYS provides complete, reliable, high performance RFID infrastructure systems for end-to-end item-level tracking in a variety of industries. Our systems enable to automate labor-intensive processes, authenticate and safeguard goods, and enable real-time inventory and asset visibility. TAGSYS RFID solutions are deployed in a range of highly specialized vertical markets that include Pharmaceutical, Fashion Apparel, Libraries, and Textile Services. More information on TAGSYS can be found at
ThingMagic is a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, specializing in RFID (radio frequency identification) readers, sensors, and other embedded and low cost computing technologies. We believe in open standards, multiple sources, and the power of partnerships. Our standards-based products are available worldwide from a growing number of manufacturing licensees, OEM partners, resellers and integrators.
UPM RAFLATAC develops and mass produces high quality, low cost RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags used for contact less smart cards and labels. Founded in 1997 and with headquarters, product development and production located in Finland, UPM Rafsec now has the largest installed production capacity for RFID tags worldwide. The company has sales offices in USA, Netherlands, Japan and Singapore. UPM Rafsec is a part of UPM-Kymmene Group, the world leading producer of printing paper.
VANGUARD ID SYSTEMS is a premiere manufacturer of RFID (radio frequency identification) cards, key tags, and labels. All of our products are custom made and individually tested to ensure the highest quality. All products operate at either HF (high frequency) 13.56 MHz or UHF (ultra high frequency) 900 MHz. These products are available in a variety of configurations, shapes, and sizes. By combining our RFID product with a magnetic stripe, and/or a bar, we enable you to implement RFID at your pace without the cumbersome changes associated with retraining your personnel or the need for major new product rollouts. We have been in business for over 20 years, including creating and manufacturing RFID products for 10 years and have produced well over a billion high quality products for our customers. We specialize in working with system integrators and companies that are doing their own integration work. Vanguard ID Systems, your Single Source for RFID, Magnetic Stripe, And Bar Coded Products.