rfid standards

There is no global body that governs the frequencies used for RFID. In principle, every country can set its own rules for this.
Low Frequency (125 – 134.2 kHz and 140 – 148.5 kHz) and High Frequency (13.56 MHz) can be used globally without a license. Ultra High Frequency (868 MHz – 928 MHz) cannot be used globally as there is no single global standard. These frequencies are known as the Industrial Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands.
Some standards that have been set for RFID technology include:
ISO 14223/1
RFID for animals, advanced transponders
ISO 14443
Standard for very popular HF (13.56 MHz), used for RFID enabled passports
ISO 15693
Standard for HF (13.56 MHz), used for contact smart payment and credit cards.
ISO 18000-7
New UHF (433 MHz) industry standard for active RFID.
ISO 18000-6
Standard for UHF RFID.
EPC global
Standards for electronic product code.