RFID reader writer module with USB interface-125khz-134kHz

Designed for embedding into products manufactured by third-parties, the RFIDREAD-μRW-USB unit is our
standard RFIDREAD-μRW module on a USB interface adapter board. This unit allows users to quickly
connect a RFID reader/writer to a PC with a standard USB serial port.
• Direct connection to a PC’s USB port.
• Reads EM4100 compatible transponders.
64bit Read Only, Manchester Encoded at 64cyc/bit.
Reads and Writes T5557 compatible transponders.
Manchester Encoding 32 cyc/bit.
Read and Write FDX-B Protocol ISO11784/11785
for animal identification.
• Read Distance: 3.5cm for cards, and keytags.
• Ultra small unit size: 66mm x 29mm
• Output control for a duel color LED for Pass indication.
• Buzzer Output Control for Pass indication.
• Integrated RFID Coil Antenna.
The RFIDREAD-μRW-USB is designed to read and write the popular range of EM4100 and T5557
compatible proximity cards and transponders available on the general market. EM4100 compatible
transponders contain 64 bits of Read Only memory, while T5557 transponders carry 224 bits of Read/Write
In addition it can perform read functions on transponders programmed using FDX-B protocol for animal
identification as described in ISO11784/11785 standards. It is also capable of programming T5557
transponders in FDX-B protocol standard.
In operation the reader will continually scan for either EM4100, T5557, or FDX-B transponders depending
on which type has been selected. The transponder type can be selected by way of pre-defined commands via
the Uart Receive line. When the selected transponder is in range it is read and its associated data is
transmitted on the Uart Tx line in serial ASCII format.
The command set for the RFIDREAD-μRW describe such functions as:
• Set LED color and function.
• Set Buzzer Function.
• Set Default Transponder type.
• Locate Tag.
• Read Block.
• Read Password Protected Block.
• Write Block.
• Write Password Protected Block.
• Enable/Disable password Protection.
• Set Maximum Block.
• Setup Transponder Configuration.
• Emulate EM4100 with T5557 tag.
• Read FDX-B transponders and Write T5557 in FDX-B protocol.

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