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capacitance, inductance, resonance, pads, transmission line calculators

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RLC Tuned Circuit Calculator

MWI : Substrate line impedance calculator

MWIJ : microwave impedance calculator

PCB Trace Calculator microstrip, stripline

PCB Trace Width , Conductor thickness, ampacity, temperature rise

PCB Trace Impedance Calculator for stripline and microstrip

Transmission Line Calculator

Poles and Zeros Calculator

Power Calculator

Power Dissipation vs. Die Temperature Calculator

Power Switch Designer

National’s power supply design tool

Power and Voltage Converter dBm, dBW, watts, dBV, volts

PSI Select Pressurization Planner

Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)

RF Cafe Online Calculators ; list of calculators

TXLine Applied Wave Research

Online Conversion general use

OpAmp Buffer Error Budget Calculator ; analog device

OpAmp Gain Feedback-Input Resistor Calculator

OpAmp Parametric Evaluation Tool

Operational Amplifiers: Interactive Design Tools

Satellite Link Budget Calculator

Signals and Noise for random process

Smith Chart for Visio

SNR THD SINAD Calculator

SWR Calculator

Toroid Calculator

Tower Planner for height, wind speed, terrain

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Voltage Divider Resistor Calculator

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VSWR Calculator

VSWR, Power Converter, Inductance Calculator

Waveguide and EM Calculators

Wireline Calculator

Wire Sizes wire diameter, ampacity

WLAN Link Planning Calculators Fresnel zone,
diffraction, path loss, link budget, cable loss

Yagi antenna pattern calculator

Unit Conversion Tool 1

Online version unit conversion2

Antenna Design Calculator

Antenna Power Tools

Antenna System Evaluator

Attenuator Calculators T and PI topologies

Attenuator Calculator2

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Connect802 Antenna System Designer

Antenna System Planner

Astronomy Kelper’s 3rd Law, magnitude

ATC Quick-Calc Capacitor Calculation

Attenuators 5

Attenuator Calculator 6


Butterworth Filter Designer


Smith Chart

Cable Performance Calculators

algebra, trigonometry, calculus, matricies, linear equations


CapCAD Capacitor calculation

Cascade Calculator : receiver design

Chebychev Filter Coupling Matrix Calculator

Choke Designer

ConvertIt collection of converters and calculators

Cubicle Quad Antenna Calculator
Determine dimensional quantities – javascript.

Daycounter, Inc. Engineering Services
power supply, inductors, Butterworth filter,attenuator, impedance conversion, Stability (K) Factor, complete RF amplifier design

Die Temperature vs. Power Dissipation
estimating junction temperature from power dissipation and packaging/heatsink characteristics

Dielectric Coaxial Resonator Calculator
Download from TEMEX.

Digital schematic editor & simulator from Berkeley.

Engineering Calculators on Educypedia
online calculators – satellites, attenuators, Smith Chart, VSWR, free space loss

Electrician’s Calculator
Phase voltages, currents, and angles.

Active filter designer by Linear Technology.

Free-Space Loss Calculator

LC Filter Designer

It gives plots and component values From University of York.

HP48 Calculator Programs

Impedance Matching Network Design

Inductorand Resistor Color Applet

J-Pole Antenna Calculator

Julian Date Calculator
Calculates JDs for a given month.

Karnaugh Map Calculator
By Russell Sasamori.

Karnaugh Minimizer
By Shurik Soft.

Line-Of- Sight Radio Link Path Calculations
A clean, one-page tutorial complete with equations and a Java applet to do the work

Link Budget Calculator
A tower-to-tower, over-the-air JavaScript calculator, by Wireless Connections

Martindale’s Calculator On-Line Center
More than 20,000 calculators – this site has grown incredibly over the years.

Multifunctional units converter.

Microwave Calculator Free From JFW Industries

Microwave Office

Online Conversion

OpAmp Buffer Error Budget Calculator
an annotated schematic at top and a table of contributing error sources at bottom

OpAmp Gain Feedback-Input Resistor Calculator
Table of opamp design

OpAmp Parametric Evaluation Tool
Helps with the selection, evaluation and troubleshooting of voltage feedback opamps.

Operational Amplifiers: Interactive Design Tools

PC Magazine Website

PDA Calculator Software

Poles and Zeros Calculator

PCB Trace and Via Calculator

PCB Conductor thickness, ampacity, temperature rise

Power Calculator

PCB Trace Impedance Calculator