RF Acroynms

AF array factor
AGC automatic gain control
AM amplitude modulated
AMPS advanced mobile phone service
APTS advanced public transit systems
ASK amplitude shift keying
ATIS advanced traveler information system
ATMS advanced traffic management system
AUT antenna under test
AVCS advanced vehicle control system
AVI automatic vehicle identification
BER bit error rate
BPF bandpass filter
BPSK biphase shift keying
BSF bandstop filter
BW bandwidth
CAD computer-aided design
CDMA code division multiple access
CEP circular probable error
CMOS complementary MOS
CP circularly polarized
CPL cross-polarization level
CRTs cathode ray tubes
CT1/2 cordless telephone 1/2
CTO cordless telephone O
CVO commercial vehicle operations
CVR crystal video receiver
CW continuous wave
DBS direct broadcast satellite
DC direct current
DECT digital european cordless telephone
DR dynamic range
DRO dielectric resonator oscillator
DSB double side band
DSSS direct-sequence spread spectrum
ECCMs electronic courter- countermeasures
ECMs electronic countermeasures
EIRP effective isotropic radiated power
EM electromagnetic
ESM electronic support measure
EW electronic warfare
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FDD frequency division duplex
FDM frequency division multiplexing
FDMA frequency division multiple access
FETs field-effect transistors
FFHSS fast frequency- hopping spread spectrum
FHSS frequency-hopping spread spectrum
FLAR forward-looking automotive radar
FMCW frequency-modulated continous wave
FM frequency modulated
FNBW first-null beamwidth
FSK frequency shift keying
GEO geosynchronous orbit
GMSK Gaussian minimum shift keying
GPS global positioning system
GSM global system for mobile communication
G=T receiver antenna gain to system noise temperature ratio
HBTs heterojunction bipolar transistors
HEMTs high-electron-mobility transistors
HPA high-power amplifier
HPBW half-power beamwidth
HPF high-pass filter
IF intermediate frequency
IFM instantaneous frequency measurement
IL insertion loss
IMD intermodulation distortion
IM intermodulation
IMPATT impact ionization avalanche transit time device
IM3 third-order intermodulation
IP3 third-order intercept point
I/Q in-phase/quadrature-phase
IVHS intelligent vehicle and highway system
JCT Japanese cordless telephone
J/S jammer-to-signal
LAN local area network
LMDS local multipoint distribution service
LEO low earth orbit
LNA low-noise amplifier
LO local oscillator
LOS line-of-sight
LPF low-pass filter
LP linearly polarized
MDS minimum detectable signal
MEO medium-altitude orbit
MESFETs metal–semiconductor field-effect transistors
MIC microwave integrated circuit
MLS microwave landing system
MMIC monolithic microwave integrated circuits
MSK minimum shift keying
MTI moving target indicator
NMT Nordic mobile telephone
OQPSK offset-keyed quadriphase shift keying
PAMELA pricing and monitoring electronically of automobiles
PA power amplifier
PAE power added efficiency
PCM pulse code modulation
PCN personal communication networks
PCS personal communication systems
PDC personal digital cellular
PHS personal handy phone system
PLL phase-locked loops
PLO phase-locked oscillators
PM phase modulation
PN pseudonoise
PRF pulse repetition frequency
PSK phase shift keying
8-PSK 8-phase shift keying
16-PSK 16-phase shift keying
QAM quadrature amplitude modulation
QPSK quadriphase shift keying
RCS radar cross section
RF radio frequency
RFID radio frequency identification
RL return loss
SAR synthetic aperture radar
SAW surface acoustic wave
SEP spherical probable error
SFDR spurious-free dynamic range
SFHSS slow frequency- hopping spread spectrum
SLL sidelobe levels
SMILER short range microwave links for european roads
SNR signal-noise ratio
SOJ stand-off jammer
SPDT single pole, double throw
SPST single pole, single throw
SP3T single pole, triple throw
SQPSK staggered quadriphase shift keying
SS spread spectrum
SS-CDMA spread spectrum code division multiple access
SSJ self-screening jammer
SSMI special sensor microwave imager
STC sensitivity time control
TACS total access communication system
TDM time division multiplexing
TDMA time division multiple access
TE transverse electric
TEM transverse electromagnetic
TM transverse magnetic
TOI third-order intercept point
T/R transmit/receive
TWTs traveling-wave tubes
UHF ultrahigh frequencies
VCO voltage-controlled oscillator
VHF very high frequency
VLF very low frequency
VSWR voltage standing-wave ratio
WLANs wireless local-area networks