Ramayana story 3

Hanuman in Lanka

The city of Lanka was perched upon a triple-peaked mountain, fortified by high walls and surrounded by a deep moat. Armed guards patrolled the city night and day and stopped any strangers that happened by. Hanuman, being a monkey, could enter the city unchallenged.

Hanuman found Lanka to be an astonishingly beautiful city. There were lush gardens, tinkling fountains, impressive monuments with towers that reached towards the sky, crystal palaces with gem-encrusted doorways. Everywhere there was wealth and prosperity.

Finally, Hanuman happened upon Sita in the Ashoka grove. There she sat, a forlorn figure, surrounded by demonesses. Hanuman managed to creep up to her unnoticed. He told Sita that he was a messenger from Ram and gave her the signet ring that Ram had entrusted to him. He told her how her husband pined for her and reassured her that Ram would bring reinforcements and rescue her from captivity. Sita was overjoyed to see a friendly face after such a long time. She pulled a jewelled ornament from her hair and told Hanuman to give it to Ram so that he would know that she was alive and well.

Hanuman realized that he must return to Ram in haste so they could make preparations to rescue Sita and vanquish Ravan without delay. But being a monkey, Hanuman had mischief in his blood. He could not leave Lanka without first creating some kind of a disturbance. He took a deep breath and as the air entered his body, he grew to an enormous size. He then set about wreaking havoc in the city of Lanka. He uprooted trees and shook the grand mansions to their foundations. He left a trail of destruction in his wake. The news soon reached Ravan that a monkey was causing chaos in the city. Ravan ordered that the monkey be captured and brought to him. Scores of soldiers rushed to do their king’s bidding. Hanuman put up a spirited fight, but ultimately he was subdued and brought before Ravan.

Ravan was enraged by the temerity of the monkey that dared to disturb the peace of Lanka. Knowing that his tail is a monkey’s pride, he ordered that Hanuman’s tail be dipped in oil and set on fire. Hanuman allowed the guards to have their fun for some time. He then took a deep breath, breaking out of his bonds as if they were toothpicks. Seeing another opportunity to wreak havoc, Hanuman darted about the city setting fire to everything that cane across his path. Satisfied that he had caused enough of a commotion, Hanuman took a deep breath and disappeared into the sky with a thunderous roar.