Power Line Channel Characteristics and Their Effect on Communication System Design

The development of power line communication systems requires detailed knowledge of the
channe l properties
interference scenario, and channel capacity in order to choose suitable transmission methods.
The idea of using the electric power distribution grid for communication purposes is not new at all. For many decades power supply companies have been using their networks for data transmission. The main purposes, however, have been management, control, and supervision of power plant and distribution facility operation , tasks calling for rather low data rates in the kilobits per second range. the transformer substation and customers as an access medium for high-speed Internet services, and exploiting intrabuilding installations as fast local area networks for various purposes, as mentioned above. But many obstacles blocked the way to fast and easy solutions. On one hand, power lines exhibit strong branching, which considerably impairs the signal quality with a great number of reflection points. On the other hand, strong cross-coupling

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