News-scams in india and money loose

Satyam Scam
2009 l Rs 24,000 crore
The Satyam Computer swindle is reportedly the largest corporate scam in India, exceeding Rs 24,000 crore. Company chairman Ramalinga Raju quit after confessing to the board and SEBI that he cooked the books. In Satyams balance sheet of 2008, Rs 5,040 crore as cash assets were inflated to Rs 5,361 crore, earning a non-existent interest of Rs 376 crore. Company debt was stated Rs 490 crore as against Rs 2,651 crore. Based on a high market valuation, Raju and his confederates offloaded their shares, making crores of rupees to buy land using the money to set up 374 infrastructure firms and eight investment companies.
Bofors Scam
1987 l Rs 64 crore
The highly politically motivated Bofors scam ultimately cost former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi popular support when he and others like the Hinduja tycoons were accused of taking bribes of Rs 64 crore in a defence deal to purchase 155-mm Bofors guns from Sweden. The deal, midwifed by arms dealer Win Chadha, brought Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi-allegedly close to the Gandhis-and his company Snamprogetti into the limelight. Ultimately, Rajiv was given a clean chit by the Government post mortem.
Fodder Scam
1996 l Rs 950 crore
Over two decades, Bihar ministers and officials colluded to bill the state treasury over Rs 950 crore to provide feed, medicines and animal husbandry equipment for “vast herds of fictitious livestock”. The swindle allegedly involved chief ministers Jagannath Mishra and Lalu Prasad Yadav, with the latter being sent to jail.
Hawala Scandal
1996 l Rs 810 crore
The hawala swindle involved leading Indian politicians allegedly receiving kickbacks totalling $18 million through hawala brokers, the Jain brothers. The politicians belonged to all the major parties-L.K. Advani, V.C. Shukla, P. Shiv Shankar and Sharad Yadav among others. Advani resigned and returned to Parliament when he was fully absolved. The CBI alleged that part of the hawala money was used to finance Hizbul Mujahideen operations. The evidence was found inconclusive by the apex court.
UTI Scam
2000 l Rs 32 crore
Former United Trust of India (UTI) chairman P.S. Subramanyam and two executive directors M.M. Kapur and S.K. Basu connived with stockbroker Rakesh Mehta to buy 40,000 shares of Cyberspace Infosys for around Rs 3.33 crore, when there were no buyers for the scrip. According to the CBI, “the conspiracy” resulted in a loss of Rs 32 crore. The promoter of Cyberspace, Arvind Johari, allegedly paid the UTI officials Rs 50 lakh to promote its shares.
Mutual fund Scam
2001 l Rs 1,350 crore
After the UTI was bailed out by the government with Rs 4,800 crore of taxpayers’ money, it purchased huge bulks of manipulated shares from ‘Pentafour bull’ Ketan Parekh. The 2001 stock market crash prompted the sebi to inspect the books of several brokers, including Parekh. The CBI arrested him on charges of defrauding the Bank of India of about $30 million. As hundreds went bankrupt and eight investors committed suicide, the markets lost Rs 1,15,000 crore to the scam.
Bhansali Scam
1995 l Rs 1,200 crore
Businessman Chain Roop Bhansali invited investments in his financial outfits CRB Capital Markets, CRB Mutual Fund and CRB Share Custodial Services between 1992 and 1996, later transferring the money to fictitious companies. CRB Capital Markets raised Rs 176 crore, CRB Mutual Funds Rs 230 crore and fixed deposits earned him Rs 180 crore. He also raised around Rs 900 crore from markets. Bhansali would pay the interest on investments by borrowing from the market, but he went bust in the 1995 stock market crash and was busted in turn.
2G , 3G and ISRO scam is the latest scams , where india loose crores of rupees..and few is in the way to be open later.