news-17th European Wireless Conference

17th European Wireless Conference, Vienna, Austria, April 27-29, 2011.
The 17th European Wireless Conference will take place in the city of Vienna, Austria,
from April 27 to April 29, 2011 and will be hosted by the Vienna University of Technology ( Vienna is located in the heart of Europe, in a cosmopolitan city of great cultural diversity. Vienna University of Technology is among the most successful technical universities in Europe and is Austria’s largest scientific-technical research and educational institution.
The 2011 edition of the conference will revolve around a main theme: “Sustainable Wireless Technologies”. One of the key objectives of research in wireless communication is becoming increasingly important besides the transition to distributed architectures: enabling energy efficiency and sustainability. Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of EW 2011 which are planned to be archived in researchXplore. Acceptance will be based on quality, relevance and originality. Proposals for special sessions and tutorials are also invited.
Original contributions in any of the areas below are solicited:
Transmission Techniques and Signal Processing:
Modulation and Coding for Wireless Communications
Signal Processing for Wireless Communications
Synchronization, Channel Estimation, Equalization
Iterative Detection and Processing
MIMO Systems, Space-Time Coding, Diversity
Fundamental Limits, Information Theory
Multiple Access Schemes,
Multiuser Detection Algorithms
Interference Mitigation and Management Techniques
Network Coding and Cooperative Diversity and Processing Adaptive Systems OFDM and OFDMA Localization and Positioning Source and Joint Source/Channel Coding Physical Security Spectrum Sensing and Parameter Estimation
Wireless Networking
Ad-hoc and Mesh Wireless Networks
Transport Layer Issues in Mobile and Wireless Networks Cross-layer Issues Protocols and Architecture for Wireless Networks Radio Resource Management Mobility Management and Billing Technologies QoS and Resource Allocation in Mobile Networks Security and Robustness in Wireless Networks Mobile/Wireless Networks Modeling and Simulation Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Wired-Wireless Integration
Radio Channel and RF Subsystems:
Radio Channel Measurements
Radio Channel Modeling and Estimation
Antenna Issues in Wireless Communications
Smart Antennas and MIMO systems
Compact Antennas for Mobile Terminals
Modeling and Mitigation of RF System Imperfections
Sustainable and Advanced Wireless Technology
Cooperative Techniques
Power Management
Interference Alignment
Resource Allocation and Game Theory
Near field communications and RFID
Cross-layer Design in Mobile and Wireless Networks Ultra-Wideband Communications Software Radio & Re-configurability Cognitive Radio and Networks 2G-3G-4G Migration, Convergence and Interworking WiFi, WiMAX, 3GPP LTE Wireless LAN/PAN/BAN Location-based Services and Positioning Wireless Broadband Mobile Access Testbeds and Experimental Systems Sensor Networks Technologies and Protocols Mobile Social Networks