Find a spider under the stone but you need to have something to put it in.
Pick up the stick below the shadow, use it on one of the lit torches to light it, light the unlit torch to expose the hole, get key from the hole, open the door.

Find sand on the steps, strange!
Take the leather pouch from the cupboard.
Get a pair of glasses in one of the books, search for yourself which one.
Light the firewood with the lit stick to see another spider, again you need to have something to put it in.
Talk to the wizard on the right and give him his glasses and get key from him.
use the key on the door and go in.

Move the things on the wall and you will get a key.
Open the cb with the key and take the fire pepper.
Move the green bowl on the table and take a wrench.
Talk to dragon, take book and see recipe for potion.
Take dragon scale and empty bottle.
Put sand in pouch, fill the hourglass and get a red ring and get the sword.
Use the wrench on the shield near the stairs and get key.

Open the chest with the key and get slime and add it to the bottle.
Add all the recipe ingridients to the bottle to make the potion and give it to the dragon.
Then give him the sword, use it to the cut the chains and out of the door.