microstrip antenna project

1. Design a microstrip antenna to operate at 1.8GHz given the substrate used in the design is FR4 PCB material with the following parameter:
εr = 4.6
tanδ = 0.022
h = 1.6mm
copper thickness = 35μm
A program, using equations 1 to 3, can be written which calculates the resonant frequency of an antenna using estimates for W, L and for a given h, εr.
2. After determining the patch dimensions L and W, the feed line can be estimated using closed form equations in microstrip transmission line text books or using a commercially free program found on the website .
3. Draw the design on the Mstrip40 structure file, the file Demo1 can used as a template for the design. Remember to change the dielectric properties, segment sizes and frequency simulation range to suit your design. The file must be saved each time alterations are made or else it will not simulate the any of the changed parameters.
4. Observe the smith chart what kind of bandwidth characteristics does the end fed antenna possess?
5. Plot the theoretical E-plane microstrip antenna radiation pattern given in equation 5 and compare it with the simulated Mstrip40 radiation plot.
6. If the student is satisfied with the design then if there are materials available in the laboratory then students can build their own antenna