lose weight by drinking water?

Approximately 66% or two third part of our body consist of water
Human brain contains 85% water
Our blood is made up of 90% of water
Lever has 82% of water
Our bones contains 22% water
Every cell of our body relies on water
Here are few functions which water does for our body other than helping you to lose weight. It:
regulates body temperature
flushes out toxins from body
helps in absorption of nutrients
removes wastes from body and last but not least
acts as carrier for oxygen
So, how water will help you to lose weight? Can you tell me which is the nutrient that will help you to lose weight and is cholesterol as well as fat free? You guessed right, it is water without salt and any calories.
Here are few ways to lose weight by drinking more and more water:
When our body craves for food, it is actually asking for water. Drink water and you might not need to eat calorie rich food which otherwise would have been adding extra pounds to your body.
It suppresses appetite. Drink some water before having the food. It will make you feel filler and help you to stop eating sooner. It is suggested do not drink too much water to avoid dilution of the gastric juice & weaken digestion function.
Water improves your body metabolism and helps to burn calories.
Reduces load on your kidneys and keep them functioning by providing regular supply of water. Otherwise, kidneys will have to work harder which will eventually put pressure on the liver, leading to more fat storage and weight gain.
Avoid water retention and body fat by drinking more water. When you do not drink sufficient water, your body starts to store that water to fulfill the shortage reflected in form of bloated hands, feet and legs.