Learn car driving easily

After you learn the ‘A-B-C’s of driving, I suggest that you practise, at your own pace, the following:
1. Up and down a steep slope, in forward gear, then in reverse gear;
2. Experience how 1st and 2nd gear ‘engine braking’ works in steep slopes;
3. Learn to make a perfect ‘8’;
4. Choose a parking slot and reverse *exactly* into the middle of the slot *without* turning back. That is, using your rear-view mirror and both wing mirrors *only*. When you master this technique, your peripheral vision automatically gets honed and you will have fewer dents/ scratches/ accidents on account of you;
5. Repeat #4 at night, in a dimly lit street;
6. Repeat #4 & #5 on a steep slope;
7. Learn ‘tight’ parallel (kerb-side) and angular parking to perfection, once again, using only your wing and rear-view mirrors;
8. Learn to drive in *any* traffic situation *without* honking;
9. Take your car through very crowded, very narrow market places without honking;
10. Finally, never be afraid of getting a few minor scratches and dents – consider the cost of repair as your learning cost. The more deeply you feel hurt when your car gets ‘hurt’, the better driver you’ll turn out to be!
Clutch Control:
Most new drivers I have noticed who have not graduated from Fiat/Amby days release the clutch very quickly while changing gears thus giving a jerk. Make sure to counts 5..4..3..2 while releasing the clutch, 5 correspoding to start of release and 2 corresponding to complete release. This count changes based on the gear changing from
1st to 2nd –5..4..3..2
2nd to 3rd –5..4..3
3rd to 4th –5..4
4th to 5th –5
Set the interval between these counts based on your vehicle’s clutch setting and response.