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Dell – Latitude D630
excellent Centrino Duo business laptop – 06/09/2007
Dell’s popular Latitude D620 deservedly won many plaudits and awards with its excellent blend of features, price and performance. The question for Dell was, when the time came for a refresh would it be able to …

Samsung – R70
family laptop with HDCP support – 31/08/2007
Samsung’s marketing blurb for the R-series says that it is inspired by technology (well, we’d certainly hope so), is user-friendly and ideal for the whole family. The latest member of the clan, the R70, holds up …

Philips – Freevents X200 Longneck
lightweight laptop with a long neck – 29/08/2007
Notebooks tend to fall into two camps: big, desktop-replacement systems with all the bells and whistles, but only portable if you own a tower crane; and light, easily carried laptops, which sometimes struggle to keep up. …

Samsung – Ultra UMPC
too small for a laptop, too large for a PDA – 29/08/2007
The Ultra Mobile PC, or UMPC for short, is a breed of computer that is like a small laptop without a hinged screen. Or, if you prefer, like a large handheld computer. Either way, it is …

Lenovo – V200 3000
feature-rich ultraportable laptop – 23/08/2007
Lenovo’s activity in the laptop market tends to be oriented more towards practicality than power. Its latest range expands on the business and home user sectors, the latter of which includes the new 3000 model from …

Samsung – Q45
highly portable Santa Rosa laptop – 21/08/2007
Samsung’s popular Q series of notebooks has had a recent addition to the family line-up – the Q45 – which continues the family trait of highly portable, well-featured business laptops and adds in the latest Intel …

Toshiba – Tecra M9L-12T
Santa Rosa business laptop with security features – 17/08/2007
Toshiba’s Tecra range of business notebooks may not be as well known as its Satellite range, but the Tecra product line is similarly being refreshed with the latest technologies on a constant basis. The latest additions …

Acer – Aspire 5920
boldly-designed Santa Rosa laptop that might grow on you – 15/08/2007
Acer isn’t afraid to make bold design statements with some of its laptops, as witnessed by the bright red Ferrari range. Now the company has commissioned BMW’s Designworks team to breathe some life into the Aspire …

Evesham – Voyager C515SR
well-featured Core 2 Duo laptop – 14/08/2007
The price of laptops has dropped so much with the arrival of the new dual core technology that it was only a matter of time before affordable dual core machines appeared on the market. Evesham has …

Gateway – MT6839b
home laptop from Tesco – 19/07/2007
OK then, a quick check of the list: eggs, yes, bread, yes, cheese, yep, laptop…

laptop? No, we haven’t gone mad, it’s just that as Gateway’s latest laptop is available from Tesco, you might as well …

Advent – 7113
budget laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium – 13/07/2007
That oft-quoted phrase “you have never had it so good” could certainly be used to describe today’s notebook market, with even some sub-£400 laptops having the same feature set as last year’s £1,000 machines. And the …

Sony – Vaio SZ4 XWN/C
secure ultraportable business laptop with decent connectivity – 15/06/2007
Sony’s Vaio SZ4 XWN/C sits in the middle of a three-product family and is, as we’ve come to expect from Sony, a stylish, well featured, portable laptop with built-in security, all aimed at the business user. …

Fujitsu Siemens – E8210
well-connected business laptop with built-in 3G – 12/06/2007
What the mobile corporate user needs most from a laptop is the ability to connect to the office wherever he or she happens to be. Fujitsu Siemens’ flagship E8210 not only features wireless connectivity, but also …

Toshiba – Satellite Pro P100-216
desktop-replacement laptop for home users – 08/06/2007
Toshiba’s Satellite Pro P100-216 certainly stands out from the grey, silver and black crowd of laptops, as the lid is a striking bronze colour, covering a good, all-round, desktop-replacement multimedia notebook for the home user. While …

Dell – XPS M1710
monstrous gaming laptop with 17-inch screen and Blu-Ray – 31/05/2007
The M1710 (N04XPS7) is the bigger brother of the M1210 and, just like its smaller sibling, it’s very different in appearance to the rest of the Dell laptop range. It’s powerful, too; in fact it’s one …

HP – Pavilion dv6285
beautiful but flawed Turion 64 X2 laptop – 15/05/2007
There’s a standing joke that if dull, reliable old HP had come up with the concept of Sushi it would have named the cuisine ‘cold dead fish’, so it’s no great surprise that the photos of …

Samsung – R20
small, light, but dim laptop – 11/05/2007
Samsung could have stuck to the tried and trusted Centrino formula when it developed the R20 but instead it chose to use a rare old mixture of components in this sleek laptop. There’s a dual core …

Acer – Aspire 9303WSMi
powerful Turion laptop with 17-inch display – 10/05/2007
There’s no getting away from the colossal size of the Acer Aspire 9303, and it’s all thanks to the 17-inch screen. This model measures 400 x 294 x 42mm and weighs in at a hefty 3.6kg, …

Gateway – MX6932b
cheap, well specified laptop – 13/02/2007
Rising like a Phoenix, the re-emerging Gateway continues to produce well featured notebooks at attractive price points, one of the latest being the MX6932b. This is a powerful system that, as the label proudly boasts, is …

Panasonic – Toughbook CF-W5
robust, light laptop with long battery life – 09/02/2007
The CF-W5 is the baby of Panasonic’s Toughbook range, a thin (268 x 210 x 44mm), ultra-portable laptop weighing in at a very creditable 1.4kg including the power adapter, but the protection comes at a price. …

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Umates – Notebook cases by a Danish manufacturer utilizing a patented shock resistant system.
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Virtual Office Inc. – Offers the mobile Virtual Office Workstation desk which allows you to perform computer tasks in your car and take your work anywhere.
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