kids program

kids programs
Activities in the Sunshine Room – Online games, activities, and printable coloring pages to teach and reinforce basic skills.
Ashley Marie’s Playground for Kids – Includes games, photos, songs, animations, and basic French.
Bry-Back Manor – Craft and activity ideas, and some Macintosh computer fun.
ClassBrain – Online games and educational activities for Pre-K and kindergarten children. – Mouse House Jr. – A place for preschoolers to play games, do online activities, read stories, and learn.
Farm Service Agency for Kids – Coloring, games, puzzles, agriculture trivia and cooking recipes. Parent’s guide also provided.
Fun with Spot – Includes games, activities, and printable coloring pages featuring Spot and his friends. Requires Shockwave.
Gamequarium – Online learning games that teach numbers, alphabet, shapes and colors.
Good Sports Gang [ Kids/Teens ] – Includes character profiles, games, coloring book, music, and an animated read along story.
Identifying Time – The Hour – Match the clock face to the time. Requires Flash plug-in.
Interactica – Animation and games for pre-readers. Following the metro to discover museum, park, music and English lessons.
Jayzeebear – Games and activities for children age 2 and up. Includes coloring book fun, memory game, counting and letters.
Jeb, The Giraffe – Fun character that introduces his friends and offers coloring pages.
KidsCom Jr. – Features games, coloring pages, art projects, stories, and other interactive content.
Kidzone – Some original kids artwork, recipes, music and fingerpaint ideas.
Kikki’s Workshop – Learn about construction machines such as bulldozers or dump trucks. In Japanese and English.
KinderArt – A wide variety of activities for preschoolers. Includes fun learning and play activities.
KOL Jr. – A Preschool Playground – A fun-packed website with educational and entertaining content including games, toys, animals, printables, and stories.

Literacy Center – Games with sound that teach shapes, colors, letters, numbers and keyboarding. Requires Flash plug-in.
MegaFile – Educational freeware and shareware games for children who do not read.
Mimi Ella Morley Iszatt – Introduces colors, shapes, alphabet, numbers and nursery rhymes.
Nicky’s Nursery Rhymes – A collection of nursery rhymes and songs to share and enjoy, with pictures to print off and color in.
Noggin [ Kids/Teens ] – Play games, check show times, and check in on Bert and Ernie, Franklin, Miffy and the gang.
Nursery Rhymes and Silly Stuff – Rhymes, pictures and music.
Nursury Tutor – Test number, letter, colors, and shapes knowledge with this tool.
Oliver Morley’s Play Site – Playing, painting, sounds, pictures, animals, letters, numbers and story are all included.
Peep and the Big Wide World – Play science games and activities with Peep. Television show on IVO, TLC and Discovery Kids.
Peter Rabbit Fun and Games – With coloring pages, e-cards, games, activities, stories, and a description of the characters.
Rebus Rhymes : – Preschoolers paint online while picking out the words they can read in their favorite rhymes. – Make magic, color, and play games like McNugget Moonbounce and Sauce Splat with all your McDonaldland friends!
Theodore and Tilly-Bear’s Funsite – Stories and things to do introduced by two teddy bears.
This is Daniel Cook. – Explore, learn and create with Daniel Cook. Includes painting, write a song, create a story, and puzzles.
Links for kids programs

The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad – Story about a toad and the lessons he learns. Read a little at a time or the whole story.
Adventures of Puff and Pooh – A children’s story about two stray kittens found at the SPCA animal shelter.
Amazing Adventure – Read along stories includes poems and a cinema. [Flash]
BAB Books – A site dedicated to children and children’s stories.
Beantime Stories – Variety of online stories available. – Children’s bedtime stories, prayers and soothing music.
Bedtime-Story – Variety of online stories including stories about kids and their pets, bears, friendly monsters, and their dads.
Briana’s Nursery – Find nursery rhymes, fairy tales and other bedtime stories, magic fairies and fairy poems, fun songs and lullabies, a magic slate to practice writing your numbers and letters (using your mouse).
By Gosh – Includes illustrated short stories for children.
Doctor Dan – Join Dr. Dan and his team of animated instruments in a series of medical adventures.
Enchanted Learning – Large selection of rhymes with different topics.
Goodnight Stories – Read stories, submit some of your own, or hear stories in Real Audio. Includes games and coloring pages.
Grandpa Tucker – Tales and stories including Snake Tut, BellyButton Buddy, and Eency Spider.
Inkless Tales – Collection of stories, poems, games, and tongue twisters. Also has an animated alphabet and a question-and-answer show about stars.
Jerry Muskrat – Family online stories provide elementary lessons on Society, the humanities, wildlife, nature, and the environment for kids.
Kids’ Corner – A number of stories by author Beatrix Potter and others.
Kidspace – Cute collection of stories for children.
KOL Jr. Stories – Several picture books are read aloud for young children to follow along, page by page.
Lil’ Fingers Storybooks – Animated Storybooks for toddlers that contain large text and big buttons for little fingers.
Magic Keys – Illustrated children’s books available. Some include sound and animation.
Mama Lisa – Illustrated pages of nursery rhymes and hear funny sounds.
Merpy Stories – Animated, interactive and musical stories.
NickJr – Features narrated stories for kids. Includes Blue Clues, Max and Ruby, Maisy, Dora, and Just for Me stories.
Oobistories – Read stories about a boy named Oobi and his adventures with his dog, Cannubi.
PBS Kids: Barney and Friends Storytime – Online stories include topics on playing safely, making music and exploring trains.
Raja Thatha’s Corner – Collection of stories, English and Indian rhymes, and Hindu prayers in Sanskrit and English.
Rattic in the Attic – An animated story with sound, about three raccoons. Questions afterwards see how much you remember of the story.
Room 108 – Variety of fun animated with sound story books. Includes games and singing activities.
Sesame Street – Online stories that include your favorite Sesame Street characters.
Small Stories for Little People – Cute stories for young readers.
The Snakeman – Story with music about how a boy saved his school from a scary snake.
Story Place – Interactive story “The Perfect Pet” with sound.
TaleSpin – Collection of stories, folktales, and poems.
Tiger Aki – Animated story books with or without sound. Games also available. [Flash]
Walt Disney Books – Stories on your favorite Disney character or TV show.
What Did Toby See? – Read or listen to Toby the dog’s zany imagination as he and his owner look out the window.

Teach ABCD and colours

ABC Tracing Pages – Printable alphabet tracing pages in color or black and white.
Activity Pad – Designed to help preschoolers recognize letters and beginning sounds.
Animal Alphabet – Play a game of Animal Alphabet to help you learn your alphabet.
AZ AALL – Learning the Alphabet – Click on a letter to hear how it sounds and see a picture for each letter. Printable exercises provided.
Billy Bear 4 Kids – Alphabet fun. Click on the letters to see different pictures for that letter.
Bunnie Ed Alphabet – Capital and small alphabets. Read along with the story and pictures.
Coloring Alphabet – Printable alphabet coloring pages. Each letter includes a picture and the letter.
Connect the letters – Online game where you connect the letters.
Count The Bananas – Learn your numbers by counting the number of bananas the monkey eats.
Count Us In – Games designed to help children understand basic number concepts.
The Counting Story – Animated pink bunnies that do different tricks for each number. Shows them as numbers, words, and a bunny count.
A Day Out at the Beach – Join Spot and Helen to count the crabs, starfish and spades. [Shockwave]
Do To Learn – How Many? – Find the correct number of objects.
EL Easton – Alphabet – Written alphabet, audio files for each letter. Includes alphabet song, and history of the alphabet.
Enchanted Learning – Fun, educational pages for preschoolers. Letter and alphabet activities.
ESL Kids Stuff – Online educational learning games for kids. Lots of games for all ages and levels.
Fisher-Price – Learn Your ABC’s – Hear the letters and the song is sung afterwards.
Fun ‘N’ Learn – Practice numbers and letters. Fun sounds cheer or give an “uh-oh” if a mistake is made. [Java]
Giraffian Alphabet – Click on a letter at the top of the page and see it in capital and lower case. See what else shows up too.
Giraffian Numbers – Click on a number at the top and see a big number, a picture and the words to show you how it is spelled.
Jazzles – Alphabet sing along songs for fun and learning.
Kids Online Resources – Teaches numbers with a fun interactive game and lessons.
Kidzpage – A fun way to learn numbers 1 to 5. [Flash]
Kidzpage – Learn puzzle shapes, letters and numbers, along with matching sounds.
Learning Planet – Fun activities and games with sound for preschoolers and up. Printables available with membership. [Shockwave]
Learning Together – Online alphabet game. Learning and teaching alphabet. – ABC Order – Online game for kids learning ABC order. [Shockwave]
Letter TV – Click on a letter to hear the sound and see pictures. Upper and lower case letters. Coloring pages and songs.
Lil’ Fingers – Print out and color numbers, letters, shapes, small words and holiday picture pages.
Little Artist – Free coloring pages. Each page has a letter from the alphabet and a bear to color.
Little Artist – Free numbers coloring pages. Each page has a number from 0 to 9 and a bear to color.
Little Tikes – Count the number of toys.
The Number Game – Learn to recognize number words with this fun game.
Number Time – Find the number to win the game.
Oobi Letters – Match objects with letters.
Oobi Numbers – Match the number by counting the objects.
PBS Kids Sesame Street – Learn letters with the letter of the day.
Play Kids Games – Alphabet learning games.
Preschool Coloring Book – Number – Plain, block, animals and letter, fruit and vegetable letter coloring pages.
Printable Tracing Worksheets – Tracing activity worksheets to be printed. Includes letters, numbers and lots of names.
Prof. Finkel Alphabet – Learn the alphabet with Professor Finkel.
Snakes and ladders – Learn numbers while playing a game of Snakes and Ladders.
Teach me ABCs – Click on letters and things beginning with that letter to hear the sounds of their names. [Shockwave]
Teach me 123s – Click on items in a picture and watch and hear them be counted.