Intel Atom processor- know the basic

Atom, One of the smallest things in our universe, and a very appropriate name for Intel’s new line of processors that are not only Intel’s smallest processors, but also contain the world’s smallest transistors.
The Intel Atom processor
These new engines for new categories of devices are really special because they were designed from the ground-up. These aren’t a desktop PC processor modified for low power. The new Intel Atom brand family was designed for a mix of performance, low power usage, size and affordability. Customers will be able to purchase an Intel Atom processor that maximizes any one of those 4 attributes, depending on their targeted device. To make this a reality, Intel used its cutting-edge manufacturing technology: 45 nanometer, Hi-k metal gate technology. Sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? In simple terms, this is the same manufacturing technology that is used to produce Intel’s latest desktop, notebook and server processors.
Intel Atom is the brand name for a line of x86 CPUs (or microprocessors) from Intel, previously code-named Silverthorne and Diamondville processors, designed for a 45 nm CMOS process and intended for use in ultra-mobile PCs, smart phone and other portable and low-power applications