IBM India

India Systems and Technology Lab (ISTL) is the world’s premier semiconductor design and systems development organisation and has sustained its technology leadership position over the years. Systems and Technology Group delivers value to IBM’s clients with its technology innovation and expertise throughout the stack – from material sciences, processors, servers, storage and operating systems. These enable IBM to integrate solutions for our clients around the world. IBM is the undisputed innovations leader, and has been awarded more patents than any other company in the world for the 14th consecutive year, more than half coming from STG.
ISTL Technology Engineering Solutions (ISTL-TES), is a key component of IBM’s Systems and Technology Group. Based in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, the lab works on some of the leading edge technologies in the areas of Semiconductor Research (Compact & MultiScale Modeling, Nanotechnology, Lithography, Characterisation), Technology Development (ASICs, Processors, IP Development, EDA, Test Tool Development), Systems SW (Operating Systems AIX, Linux, zOS- Device Drivers), System Solutions (Hosted Client Solutions and SMB in a box), System Assurance and LAB Services.
ASICs & IP :
The Asics & IP team covers the entire spectrum of development activities through its
involvement in projects for IBM System-X, High Speed IOs, Cores IP, Memories and BIST. The team also operates an Asic Design Centre which works on OEM customer chips across latest technology nodes using IBM’s ASIC menthodology. The IP Development and Foundry Enablement team provides competitive leadership to market IP in strategic areas providing clear value for our customers.
Processors & System ASICs :
The Processor and System ASICs team works in the areas of logic design, verification, circuit design, custom layout and automated placement and routing. The team works on next generation POWER series and Z series processors, embedded processors for gaming, and, system hub and IO chips
Electronic Design Automation :
The EDA team is a key contributor to physical design automation, timing analysis,
Verification, methodology and software quality. They work in Front End Solutions and Timing Analysis, Back End Solutions, Design and Technology Enablement
Semiconductors :
The Semiconductors initiative is focused on developing competencies in the areas of Compact modeling, Nanotechnology; Lithography and Characterization .
Computational lithography : Implement pattern correction solutions to ensure printability in advanced technology nodes through an integrated design to mask flow.
Compact modeling : Develop compact models for active and passive devices in advanced CMOS, mixed signal, and RF technologies.
Nanotechnology/TCAD: Enhance the IBM TCAD simulator, FIELDAY, with the nano and quantum scale effects in the nano-transistors. Materials /devices multiscale modeling for efficient design of the 22nm transistors.
Characterisation : Device and Defect Characterisation – analyse electrical test data to monitor and drive improvements in device performance, line centering, and variability
System Engineering & Market Solutions
The System Engineering & Market Solutions group is engaged in post silicon validation, systems engineering and developing solutions centered around IBM’s market leading systems & technology product portfolio.