IBM announces shared university research awards

IBM announces shared university research awards

IT major IBM, today announced Shared University Research awards (SUR) for three Indian universities namely, International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT, Hyderabad), Indian School of Business (ISB, Hyderabad) and SP Jain Management Institute and Research (SPJMIR, Mumbai) to promote research in areas of mutual interest.

The SUR awards, totaling 210,000 USD, would drive key projects across these three institutes and strive to connect the research and researchers at the universities with IBM experts in similar fields of work, said a press release.

IIIT- Hyderabad has been awarded to set up Center of Excellence on Cell and Power Multi-core architecture on campus to drive collaborative research to study the architectural and algorithmic aspects of Cell and Power Multi-core architecture and to develop Media and Computational intensive applications and benchmark IBM’s Multi-core architecture performance.

ISB has been awarded to foster research on Service Supply Chain Management and Services Operations Management, which is related to deployment and management of technical resources, the release added.

While SPJMR was awarded to enhance services course development and specific projects on business process Management and Simulations, the release said.

On receiving the award, Prof. P J Narayana, IIIT, Hyderabad said, “We believe that the future lies in exploiting available computing power in hybrid architectures to perform everyday tasks such as audio-video processing and large data handling.

He added that they are happy to partner with IBM in studying and engaging in activities related to hybrid multi-core architectures. They expect to further the frontiers in this area as well as familiarize a new generation of technologists to it.

Amol Mahamuni, programme director, WebSphere Solutions and Technology and University Relations – IBM India/SA said, “All universities have very unique ideas on how they think technology can be applied to help solve different problems, as well as using the technology to encourage skill development among its students and faculty. IBM is proud to collaborate with these universities to make these innovation ideas possible, as we build a Smarter Planet together.”

The SUR Awards program is designed to promote collaborative research projects that bring value to IBM, the technology community and our world. It increases access to and successful use of IBM technologies for research and in curriculum and also provides opportunities within IBM for undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students.

The SUR focus for next year will be on Green technologies and smart infrastructures, Cloud Computing / Cloud Delivered Services, Multi-core hybrid systems and Services Innovation, the release added.